If RTE have all this licence fee cash & ad revenue coming in, and they dont seem to spend cash on outside broadcasts or commentary facilities or decent programmes or anything worthwhile for that matter, how come with all this cash floating around, they only decided to spend the grand total of 1 euro 38c on producing the 'hillarious' ''ROUND BALL / OVAL BALL'' promo for the upcoming 'running/fighting/kicking-thru-a-Variety-of-goalposts' series against Australia?

For any of you lucky enough to have missed it, Heres what appears to be going on -
Exterior, day, badly lit & cheaply filmed;

Two (on this evidence, normally unemployed) actors run about outside croke park.

They are wearing 'comedy' trousers. And hats.

The two actors (heavily accented. For 'comedy' purposes) theatrically scream '' Round Ball '', then '' Oval Ball '', respectively, into a camera before having a 'comedy' fight.

Then they're friends again.

The End.

Jesus H. Christ in a Cowboy hat, hasn't anyone at RTE actually seen this thing? What freebasing spacer okayed this for broadcast?
Has no-one at all over there copped that people from other countries might actually see this and assume we're ALL this stupid?
I really think that Australia could sue for Defamation...and win. (Actually, I think WE probably could too...)

If it was made by the winners of a competition for people with learning disabilities, I apologise, but if it wasn't, someones got some explainin' to do...

If anyone has any contacts in RTE, IMPLORE them to get this crap off the air, failing that, punch them soundly in the face.