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Thread: Paddy Purcell retired

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    Paddy Purcell retired

    Paddy has announced on facebook that he will be retiring from LOI football. If anyone deserves a thread its this man.

    Paddy is truly a Limerick legend in my eyes has been there ever since i started supporting Limerick as a young lad and has been a fantastic leader of the team and club. Hes been there for the bad times and there was no-one better to lift the trophy when we won the league last year. Have to say i am gutted he didnt get more of a shot at premier after all his service to the club. He had gotten to his best in the last few years imo and put in some serious work to get fit after injuries too just like Calla. Also just like Calla he was a complete gent always had time to stop for a chat and had a great relationship with the fans.

    Could surely be back as a Limerick manager in the future, wish him all the best in whatever he does in the future.

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    Best of luck Paddy. The one thing I'll regret from this season is not seeing him lead the team out in Thomond Park. He's been a stalwart for as long as I can remember. Just a pity how it all finished that he didn't have a chance for one last game.

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