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Thread: Debate - Future of Youth Development in Irish Football

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    Quinn has some good ideas - it's hard to argue against every club having an academy providing coaching and education. Partnering with people who do it as a business could save time, money and prevent mistakes. Imports to naturalise - no thanks. Tax breaks, well, if you're a big company paying the headline rate of corporation tax you need a new accountant. There are already plenty of breaks. I'm sure a lot of you here know more than I do about that.

    He may be pooh-poohing the idea that he could be CEO of the FAI, but CEO of a new national league? That's a different kettle of fish, I suspect...
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    What would be the difference between the academy and the existing link up with schoolboy club?

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    I'd definitely be in favour of more regional academies/centres, and easier/regular/free access to those centres for LOI youth systems. But I wouldn't really think it's wise to tie them to clubs who often don't have a pot to piss in, and might end up neglecting their part of the bargain, or even end up bleeding them dry.

    And given the almost complete lack of actual transfer money between Irish clubs, and the fact that Irish clubs are seldom able to negotiate a decent (if any) sell-on clauses with overseas clubs, I don't think I see a huge opportunity for an academy to make its money back.

    I'd like to see how they'd run it as a business.

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