I emailed the FAI and asked : -

"what will the FAI do when Landsdowne road is under redevelopment? The likes of Tolka park with its UEFA stadium licence are not suitable. Are there any plans to fund the new stadium in Tallaght ? It seems the most appropriate."

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In response to your query, as a number of clubs who could potentially be involved in those latter stages of European competition do have ambitions for either ground development or new stadium construction, any debate about potential venues for European competition at this stage would be academic, to be honest!

What’s more, the FAI has commenced upon – in conjunction with the Government – a facilities upgrade programme the ultimate goal of which is that by the time that Lansdowne Road is unavailable for fixtures, at the very least one club stadium would meet all the requirements for UEFA Cup First Round / Champions League Group Stage minimum criteria.

I trust the above explains the situation as it stands but if you need any more info, let me know.

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I remember now that there are some sort of plans for Athlone, but dont know if they are anyway decent