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Thread: Former LOI Players / Managers in the News Thread?

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    Former LOI Players / Managers in the News Thread?

    Hi All,

    Was wondering is their an interest in a former LOI players / managers and how they are getting on now thread.

    I'm not talking about the Seamus Coleman, Wes Hoolahan type players who everyone will hear about but those like Padraig Amond, Paddy Madden, Jay O'Shea, Karl Sheppard etc. You hear bits and pieces about the likes of these players but it'd be nice to have one area where you could get a lot of news.

    If not mods can delete the thread.

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    If you go to the Ireland section there are threads on virtually all Irish players playing over in England, Paul Corry, Jay O'Shea, Padraig Amond etc
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