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Thread: A Couple of Questions Re Dundalk

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    Dundalk posting break even half term results.

    On the night, it was confirmed that the Season Ticket sales for 2013 total = 574.
    574 is included in the club’s attendances figures irrespective of if all Season Ticket holders attend the game, Bond stating that this was due to FAI protocol.
    “When you sell more Season Tickets, you expect your gate income to be reduced, but the opposite has happened,
    “While we don’t have a massive budget probably in comparison to the top 3-4 teams, or even 5 teams, in this league, we have spent an awful of money outside that people might not see.
    “For instance, we have Graham Byrne here who is getting paid. He’s a full-time Strength & Conditioning Coach with the club, and you can see it in the fitness levels of the players.
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    Sorry to bump an old thread, but has last years budget been increased this year?

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    as far as I am aware which is hearsay SK budget is a one or two thousand less than McCaffreys last season.

    just goes to show what a good manager can do with a budget and get value for money
    Long Live King Kenny

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