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Thread: James McClean (M Stoke b.1989)

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    Quote Originally Posted by seanfhear View Post
    Surely Breen and Hunt are big enough and old enough and ugly enough to be able to take a bit of stick off James McClean. It annoys me, if pundits are able to dish to out but not take some back. We will see how it pans out.
    You missed my point (though I'm sure they are able to take it). McClean is a kick and rush player, all heart, instinct and passion. In that, he's sympomatic of the state of our squad since Trap. But it's his temperamental nature that makes him a liability. He's as likely to get sent off as score, and as likely to go OTT to half-read or misunderstood comments as he is to post something stupid (the balaclava history lesson photo!) on social media. As far as I can see: He. Just. Doesn't. Think. Much less see consequences.

    I don't know McClean from Adam, and I'm sure there are Derry fans here who do who may correct me (I'm open to it), but it seems to me that ageing hasn't brought the maturity that gives a so-so player a late golden era to compensate for old shortcomings. He looks increasingly petulant and needling. For the sake of the team and McClean himself I hope Kenny gets better out of him than anyone else thought possible.

    That said, it's all well and good to defend a manager he worked with and admires, but will it last if Kenny's apppointment brings McClean's international retirement? Kenny wants a controlled, passing game that needs (self)discipline, skill and tactical nous. I'm not sure McClean brings enough to make a Kenny squad. Had he a comparable player in the U21s or Dundalk, for instance?

    BTW, I can't imagine Hunt - no shy and retiring gent at the best of times - taking McClean's reaction lying down. I'm looking forward to the fireworks - this one could run!
    Hello, hello? What's going on? What's all this shouting, we'll have no trouble here!
    - E Tattsyrup.

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