Mark Feehily and Sligo Rovers support Aware.

Sligo Rovers has teamed up with Westlife star Mark Feehily to promote the club’s partnership with the charity Aware.

Aware works to provide support and information to individuals and families affected by depression, as well as dispelling the myths and misunderstandings about depression, and at Sligo Rovers we want to help that cause.

More than 400,000 people in Ireland experience depression at any one time but unfortunately many hide their condition and never seek help. Sadly, more than 500 people die by suicide each year.

In the past year the club has formed links with Aware to try to promote knowledge of depression.

Sligo’s Mark Feehily and Aware are the kit sponsors for the Sligo Rovers A team this season.

The club held a Daisy Day in Sligo Town last summer to raise money and will repeat the event this year, as well as holding a flag day.

Westlife’s Mark Feehily has explained to why he took the opportunity to help form links with Rovers and Aware.

“I was happy to do it because I was looking to do something for a while. I’d been involved before with helping charities with Westlife and it is always something we have done.

“The lads and I were delighted to get involved because it is always a positive thing.

“When I was younger, I was too scared and didn’t know that there was someone I could talk to. Charities likes Aware exist for people who don’t know who to turn to.

“There is an alarmingly high rate of suicide attempts in Ireland and it is high in the north-west and we have to show there is help out there for people.

“It is too much of a serious topic for some people. People try to avoid it and don’t realise it is a serious condition.

"People don't feel comfortable talking about their problems and lock them up inside, which can be dangerous.

“We want to make people aware of it and show that there is someone to turn to.”

Sligo Rovers has always been proud of our role in the county and the support given to us by the people of Sligo. Through this initiative, we want to show that issues like depression can affect everyone and that there is always help at hand.

Mark said: “This partnership with Rovers is the perfect opportunity to highlight it. When people see such a strong community element like Sligo Rovers supporting these issues, they become less taboo and show that we are all human and there is somebody to turn to."

“The players are role models and Aware is a fantastic charity so it is win-win.”

Sligo Rovers will make further announcements on the events already planned with Aware in the coming weeks.

We’d like to hear from you now if you’d like to support the ventures. For more information on the charity see, or e-mail to register your help for the fundraising days.

On the prospect of the partnership developing, Mark said:

“I’d love that. I did it because I feel passionate about it. As I said I supported charities before but I wondered was there one out there that I could be self-attached to.

“It is a great morale boost for the club. You’re doing something selfless and worthwhile and also building strength in the community.”

For further information, please contact or

Aware loCall Helpline: 1890 303 302

Email support: