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Wasn't sure where to put this, but wanted to share the below conversation I had with a higher-up at a work do last Friday:

Him: (a bordering on OAP academic): David, you're still into the League of Ireland, right?

Me: (Knowing this is going nowhere good) Uh, yeah, sure.

Him: I was watching part of that Dundalk game the other night, they did very well.

Me: "Bland agreement, waiting for the inevitable"

Him: (In deadly earnest) Can I ask you, do you know why Dundalk are called the Lilywhites?

Me: Well, I suppose because they play in mostly white?

Him: Yes, but aren't Kildare the Lilywhites?

Me: Sure, but, I mean, two different teams could have the same nickname.

Him: "Frowning, turns away" Just seems like a bit of a cop-out.

Me: "Genuinely at a loss for how to respond."
Kildare are also known as the 'flourbags'.