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Thread: Thanks, lads (and Cookie)

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    Thanks, lads (and Cookie)

    A big thanks to all the staff at the club for a fabulous season culminating in qualification for Europe. Hopefully, the best is yet to come. The football played this season is the best that I have ever seen in the Showgrounds and I wouldn't like to say how long i have been enjoying and enduring The Rovers.
    Regardless of what happens in The Aviva, you have brought much joy to supporters of The Bit O'Red and not since Willies McStay's team of 1993/1994 has a team connected so well with the supporters and the town.
    I know it won't be always like this so we'll enjoy it while it is.

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    Could'nt agree more avvenalaf. After supporting the bit o' red for near half a century now, i feel so proud of EVERYONE at the club for doing what they have for us this year. And to think it has'nt finished yet ! Just two games that we could have won, yet did'nt lose, would have won the league. So close ! Roll on next year!!!!!!

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    Well said Avv
    Manager: Fergal, have you your boots with ya?
    Fergal: Ya, I have them here.
    Manager: Ah good stuff, well give them to this man so, he forgot his!

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    Great post avenalaf, after going through so many bad times,
    it makes you appreciate the good times even more.

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