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Thread: Sligo Fans Nonsense

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    Sligo Fans Nonsense

    I've no idea whats going on with these gimps but any thread in the main forum or "Off Topic" in which one of them posts (usually bringing a thread of topic), there are a rake of posts in quick succession either rubbishing the post or agreeing with it, depending on which one posted it. They also then thank the initial posts and the following posts agreeing with it.

    It's boring and tiresome and it getting to the point where i'm avoiding topic's in which this batch of sligo goons have posted, which is now, nearly all of them, so now i can barely read anything on the site at all.

    I've already reported a few posts in which this nonsense was present and in fairness they were removed, but it hasn't deterred them so thats why i started this thread, can we please do something about this?
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    One person has already been suspended because of it. Keep reporting the issues and the rest will go the same way.

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