Anyone who listens to Alison Curtis on Today FM will have heard about this competition. Basically they got people to nominate and vote on the best Local Pub in the four provinces and my local, Seamie McKenna's in Monaghan won the Ulster award.

Anyway's even though the voting is over, they are still taking comments and any of you who have been lucky enough to see a band there, or just indulge in some of their fine liquor, maybe you could post a comment as I am sure all comments will be taken into consideration when they are choosing the overall winner. Go to Alisons page on

I have been going to McKenna's for 20years now (even used to mitch school in the old pool room at the back the odd time!) and it is the most friendly relaxed place in the country. You could go in with 2 heads on you and no one would comment. You, no matter who you are, are welcome there.

Anyways, any of you who havent been there should make a point of going for a pint there next time you are in Monaghan.

Best pub ever.