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Thread: Classic clip of our politicans acting like 10 year olds..

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    Classic clip of our politicans acting like 10 year olds..

    Makes you proud, doesnt it?

    Keep an eye on the bearded guy half-way through!
    'Fascists dress in black and go round telling people what to do, where as priests.....'

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    They went to sleep many years ago.
    And they woke up when Bertie chose to go.

    They're the grrrraaaaaassroots.
    They're the grrrraaaaassroots TooooDAAAYYYYYY!
    That question was less stupid, though you asked it in a profoundly stupid way.

    Help me, Arthur Murphy, you're my only hope!

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    I bow to no one. bar Bluebeard and Mr A

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