RTE..........they defy belief.

After the Cup Semi-Final they announced that they were going to show last night's game between SPA and Bohs again
Cracker of a game again, 4-2.

Advertised all week in the papers, even last Sunday's papers had it.

What happens, a James fcukin' Bond movie. No explanation or anything.

I was laughing though, 'cause I thought if it had happened at the Cross I could imagine those who continuously leave before the end of games here, would probably have decided to stay at home to watch it on TV and on realising they were watching Sean Conory instead of Dan Murray would have legged it back down to the Cross only to be told we don't allow people in at "Half Time" anymore..................the roll had been called in the first half and the doors were locked.

Wonder if many Duuuuuubs were caught out

Another theory is that RTE is being taken over by a consortium of people from Cork ( headed by Bill O'Herlihy ) and this was the first swipe at all Duuuuuuubs