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Thread: Rules, Links, Information

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    Rules, Links, Information

    • Don't jump into other people's threads with a problem unless it's the same as the OP's, it confuses issues. Start a new thread for your problem.


    1. No linking to any sites with your refereral code
    2. No linking to any affiliate programs/sites
    3. No making fun of losing tips/selections. We've all lost bets, we'll all do it again
    4. No aftertiming. Ever. If you dind't post up the tip before it won, don't bother telling us about it now

    Best Practice
    1. Try give a bit of reasoning behind any selection.
    2. If making a selection try and post the odds.
    3. Use a staking system (i.e. for selections you think are definite winners, advise to back with 5 points; for speculative punts advise 0.5 or 1 point etc)


    Unless you are going somewhere really uncommon/unusual, chances are there is a thread on your destination already in the Travel forum. Use the search function before posting to check if people have already given information on your destination.


    Please don't post direct links to music or video files in this forum, including torrents, unless you own the copyright or you have explicit permission to do so. There will only be one warning if you break this rule -- if you do it twice, you'll be banned permanently from the Music forum.


    The ticket rules apply in here too: You can request or offer tickets, but not for more than face value, plus a small amount for postage and the like.

    (If you'd like to add information or links, please contact a forum moderator.)
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