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Although the administrators and moderators of attempt to keep objectionable messages off this forum, it's impossible for us to review all of them. All messages express the views of the author, not the owners, and the owners will not be held responsible for the content of any message. When you register on you're agreeing to our rules, and not to post messages that are obscene, hateful, threatening or in breach of the law. reserves the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.


Serious violations of our rules will result in an instant, permanent ban from the site. Less contentious violations will result in a warning. Multiple violations will result in suspension from the site for a period dependant on the level of disruption. Persistant offenders will be banned permanently. Warnings may be appealed in the Support forum, not in-thread. Suspensions or bans may be appealed by contacting an Administrator or Supermoderator. 3rd party appeals are not allowed.

Single Account

You're allowed one account on, and one only. If you set up another account, it'll be deleted and your other account will be suspended. This applies to role accounts too, used to post about your website for example.

Quoting Posts

Please don't quote entire posts, particularly if they're more than a few sentences long, and even more particularly if all you've got to say is "yeah" or "wrong". Delete anything that isn't directly relevant to your post from the quoted section.

Txt Spk / ALL CAPS is a website, not a mobile phone, you have a full keyboard and all your fingers available. Use them please. Oh and typing in ALL CAPS is the Internet equivalent of shouting. Shut up.

Content Attibution

To protect both yourself and from copyright infringement liability, please do not quote entire articles on the site, just an extract (a few paragraphs); and please provide the source of the article, plus a link to the original. Posts in breach of this rule will be edited and/or deleted.

Stay On Topic

Before you post, look at the threads in the forum you're in to make sure there isn't one you can already post in. If you double-post a topic, your post'll be merged and if we're busy we won't bother telling you. Don't blame us if you can't find it later.


Only post about the same subject in one forum, even if it applies to multiple forums. Since there are situations where cross-posting could be beneficial to (match reports), exceptions will be made if - and only if - you get a mod or admin to do it for you. If you have an important announcement, ask a mod to handle it for you.

Spamming isn't a free ads website, if you want to advertise something you need to talk to us first. This applies whether the advertising is commercial, not-for-profit, or just for a fun website you threw together. Affiliate linking is a big no-no too. If you wouldn't want it in your Inbox, we don't want it on If we think it will be beneficial to our users, we may allow it, possibly even for free, but you need to ask.


Trolling is only funny when really clever people do it, and it's quite likely you're not that clever. Going into another club's forum and saying "you're rubbish", for example, isn't clever at all, and will quite like get you a warning or a ban from Don't do it. Ever.


Yes we know other sites let you swear and curse to your heart's content. No we don't care. Most of the threads on those sites descend into flame wars within two or three posts, and that's a specific reason we set up We're here to talk about soccer, if you want a scrap do it somewhere else. (Using a few stars doesn't make it ok by the way, or l33t speak.)

SPL Discussion

All discussion on Celtic FC and Scottish football is confined to the designated SPL thread, and the specific rules in the first post of that thread must be obeyed.

Role Accounts

You may not use an account name that is representative of a company, organisation or person, other than yourself. See the end of the spamming rule if you feel that what you have to say may be beneficial to or it's users; however you'll still need to register with a non-representative handle.

Rumours & Allegations

There's too many "I heards" and "someone saids" on football sites, which is often damaging to the clubs and people involved. There's plenty of news sites out there, plenty of people in authority willing to be quoted, plenty of mobile phones with cameras, plenty of sites where pictures and videos can be posted. So there's no excuse for posting rumour and innuendo any more, and every opportunity to make the news yourself. Take a photo or a video, ask someone for a quote, or post a scan or a link to a news article. Alternatively, keep your mouth shut on, or you'll be out on your ear.


Our ticket trading rules are strict, if you break them you'll be banned from the relevant forum. Ticket trades for Ireland games should go in the Fans Forum.
  1. Tickets must be sold at face value, plus a bit extra for postage if appropriate.
  2. Tickets can only be traded between private individuals.
  3. The following details must be provided, where appropriate:
    1. The event.
    2. The venue.
    3. The date (and time if appropriate).
    4. The type of ticket (sitting, standing, balcony, etc).
    5. The number of tickets available.
    6. The price, including postage where appropriate.

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