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Back in the Habit

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Terenure FC pre-season has been a busy one to date with good numbers training and a few pre-season friendlies already played. The club has high expectations for all of the senior sides this season and the early signs are very promising. Training will continue in Bushy Park on Tuesday and Thursday for the coming weeks, be ready to start at 7pm if you want to drop down. You can't really miss the Terenure training group as there is around 60 fellas training together. New faces are always welcome. I've now become involved in the coaching side too and will be helping out with the Saturday 3rd team, so if you are interested in getting involved you can PM me here.

I missed the 3rds first game on Saturday but there was promising signs as they led 2-0 at half time. The game ended 2-2 with a lot of changes in the 2nd half but the new coaching team were impressed by a lot of what they saw and new and old faces combined well. Last season saw flashes of what this team is capable of but was disappointing overall so with a few additions on field and on the coaching side hopes are high for big improvements.

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