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Terenure FC

Long Old Season

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UCFL Div. 3
29 May 2013
Terenure FC 3rds 1 Ė 3 Limekiln

Wednesday evening drew down the final curtain on what turned out to be a long old season to forget for Terenure FC 3rds. The game proved to be a fitting finale; a good first half, composed, hard-working and effective, followed by a second half collapse and defeat. We actually started this game with more of our regular team than the meeting with the same opposition from the previous week and that seemed to help to make us a more effective unit in the first half. There was a better link between the defence and midfield and we were more composed in possession.

Danny McKeuigue was in flying form on the left wing, returning from a hamstring injury, and it was his industrious running that led to the first goal as he curved a run around the flat Limekiln defence and undid their offside trap before finishing with great composure. There were further opportunities to extend the lead before half time, we hit the crossbar with a header for a corner and in my determination to end my 76 game goalless streak I took three shots where I probably should have been a bit less greedy.

As has been the case so often this season, we seemed to completely forget everything said at half time about keeping the work rate high and staying organised. Limekiln switched to a 3-5-2 and started to dominate the midfield battle and once we conceded we descended once more into a shapeless mess. Individual errors brought about the first two Limekiln goals, but those errors were more a result of having no options than anything else. Iím not sure if itís been a fitness thing or a lack of concentration but we havenít been able to sustain performances in the second half of games, particularly in the last couple of months of the season and itís something that will have to be corrected if weíre to improve next season.

Despite finishing third from bottom and conceding 103 goals in 30 games there has been some positives. Most of the squad this season were new to the club and many hadnít played a lot of eleven a side football in recent years, those players will benefit greatly from getting a season behind them and there is still plenty of potential for next season. The off season will hopefully also bring an end to our search for a regular goalkeeper and if a couple of experienced and reliable heads can be added we should be a more competitive outfit. The top three sides in the division were a big step above almost all of the others and with them moving upwards it is likely to be much more competitive next season, if we can get a good pre-season behind us thereís no reason we canít be involved in at least a promotion pushÖ Oh dear the hopeless optimism is already building back up and the season has hardly endedÖ

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