• Foot.ie Advert / Short Film Competition 2011

    This is the inaugural Foot.ie Advert / Short Film Competition and below are the entries to it. The inception of it was a bit rough and ready, with the guidelines and rules being conceived within a very short time frame. It was a good bench mark though and it should give people a good idea of what to expect every November and even give them a whole season to gather footage and content for an entry into the 2012 Competition.

    So, enjoy the clips and watch this space !!!

    Title: St Pats / SEI European Promo 2011

    This clip captivates the colour and character of fans of Saint Patricks Athletic who are more commonly known as the Shed End Invincibles. Known for their fanatical support and elaborate displays, they bring colour and atmosphere to Richmond Park and everywhere they follow the Supersaints. The group is based in Dublin but the fanbase hails from far and wide all over the world. They can be found in the West Stand, behind one of the goals. Their flags and banners are hung along the stand at every home game.

    The content is largely from the SEI website. "We are a supporter's group who follow Pats and have an online photo album on our website. I also used google images to get some images of action from the game, so it wasn't just about the fans but also the team. I think Europe has become very important to St. Pat's fans. Especially in recent year's where we've travelled from Samara to Sweden, Bucharest to Berlin and all the way back to Richmond Park and the RDS.

    The music is a personal favourite of mine, Strobe by Deadmau5. It's a high tempo track and the images race through pretty quick. The video had to be between 30-50 seconds and there was so many great photos so I tried to incorperate them all in and the music adds to this with it's constant beat, in my opinion. I made the video using Window's Movie Maker. I have a little experience in using it before and thought I'd give this competition a go.

    The theme of the video is about St.Pat's being Ireland's European Club. I made the video soon after the demise of Sporting Fingal, just as the European buzz came back into the club. We're the highest ranked Irish club in Europe and have generally done well in recent times, so that means we're Ireland's European Club!"

    The clip is a European Promo for 2011 to let people know what is in store once again. Europe 2011 ... Believe In Saints !!

    Title: League Of Ireland Flatliners

    The off-season just went on forever this year to the point where it could only be described as unhealthy for League of Ireland fans everywhere. For some it can become all too much and it calls for drastic action at critical times. It can be touch and go at times as described in the famous words of Bill Shankly "Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, .... I can assure you it is much, much more important than that."

    It has to be admitted that everything single thing in the clip was lifted straight of the internet and complied to relay the importance of the kick off of the 2011 Season and why it cannot come fast enough. Pinnacle Studio was used to put the clip together, and some of the graphics in the clip were finished in Photoshop and Image Ready. Some of the audio in the clip was edited in Audacity.

    Title: Cork City FC Foot.ie promo

    The clip represents the total problem Cork City FC fans have - they see football in everything. Everything of beauty relates back to their memories of the club throughout the years. To me it shows the usual debate over the greats, the inappropriate obsession and the humour and banter of the terraces. In fairness, Siligailis! I wanted it to be funny and show our obsessive nature. Eanna in Cork City FC sent me the logo, and I shot everything else myself. I recorded the music myself also as I didn't want to infringe any copyright.

    I shot the clip on a Canon 550D Stills camera that also shoots video. It was just me and my son Jamie. He shot the shots of me and I shot the rest. We shot it in evening time and darkened it down. I shot it at my own house. The sky is a composite of a couple of photographs, one of the moon and one of the night sky that I put together in Photoshop. I also put the stars and logo together in Photoshop and imported this into the Final Cut editing programme, where I played with the transparency to bring them into view. I used a tiny bit of green screen on my hand to get the finger pointing and used Final Cut to key it.

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