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    Foot.ie Club memberships help us defray the cost of hosting and maintaining the website, and developing new features. You can join for a fixed period of time or have the membership recur automatically, either way you get the benefits listed below. You can pay by credit card or with your PayPal account if you have one. If you don't have a credit card you can pay by bank transfer, cheque or postal order, contact dahamsta for details.

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    Club Benefits

    • Custom Avatar - Probably one of the most requested features of all time on Foot.ie, you'll now be able to upload your own larger avatar, a larger picture for your profile, and another for your signature.
    • Custom Title - Pro Soccer Player, King of Kings, Star Trek Fan; change your user title to whatever you want!
    • Profile Customisation - Profiles can now be customised, just like MySpace and Bebo. You can add a custom profile pic and a background image, change the colours and fonts, show or hide what you want and to whom, and manage your visitor messages.
    • Signature Customisation - Also change the colour, size, font and alignment of your sig, and add images and smilies.
    • Social Groups - With a full membership you'll gain the ability to create and manage your own Social Groups, like on Facebook or Bebo. Create a fan club for your team or a particular player, or just yourself! The group can be public or private, and you'll be able to moderate who can and can't join, review posts before they're added to the group, and more.
    • Photo Albums - Photos can be uploaded to your own album, and commented on by other users. You can even moderate the comments to keep out any smartarses taking the mick out of your L33T piktur-making skillz.
    • Private Messages - Private message storage goes from 250 messages to 1000 messages. You will also be able to send messages to users that have reached their quota, so no more "over quota" bounce messages! Plus you can CC up to 10 users instead of 5.
    • Who's Online - We disabled this a long time ago because it's a total resource hog, but for you guys, anything.
    • Boolean Search - One for the nerds perhaps, Boolean Search allows allows you to use AND, OR and NOT to fine-tune search results. This is a good explanation of it.
    • Thread Tagging - Registered users can tag their own threads, but not others. Supporters can tag all threads, and delete tags added by others to their threads.
    • Larger Attachments - You'll be able to upload files up to a megabyte in size, instead of the usual 100k limit.
    • Supporters Only Forum - A private VIP forum, away from the riff-raff donchewknow.
    • Post Polls - You usually need to ask a mod to do this for you, but you can post your own.
    • Calendar - Add, edit and delete your own events in the Calendar.

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    UEFA: City soar in derby win, Messi matches Müller

    Thread Starter: Foot.ie

    Manchester City set a new Premier League record and moved 11 points clear after a 2-1 derby win, while Lionel Messi matched Gerd Müller's tally for goals

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    RTE: Spurs ready to face the best in the Champions League

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    Harry Kane and Mauricio Pochettino have both declared that Tottenham Hotspur want to play the best teams the Champions League has to offer.

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    RTE: La Liga: Barcelona extend their lead

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    Barcelona's win over Villarreal puts them five points clear at the top of the La Liga table.


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    RTE: Inexplicable celebrity appearances on sports coverage

    Thread Starter: Foot.ie

    Rockstar Noel Gallagher made an unexpected appearance on Sky Sports this weekend, and he's not the first celebrity to feature in the coverage of sports.

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    RTE: 'We were denied a clear penalty... City are lucky'

    Thread Starter: Foot.ie

    Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho claimed his side were denied a "clear penalty" as they lost 2-1 to Manchester City.


    Last Post By: Foot.ie 10/12/2017, 8:30 PM Go to last post
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