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06/09/2001, 11:13 AM

Thursday 6th September 2001

The officers of the eircom League met this morning with St Patrick's
Athletic. The meeting was held to discuss the breach by the club of Rule 16
(a) of the League Rules in playing an unregistered player, Paul Marney, in
three League games this season.

The League was represented by Michael Hyland (Chairman), Declan O'Luanaigh
(Treasurer) and Roy Dooney (Commissioner). St Patrick's Athletic were
represented by Phil Mooney (Secretary), Gary Branigan (General Manager) and
Alan Duncan (Director)

St Patrick's Athletic detailed the circumstances under which they had failed
to register the player.

Following careful consideration of all relevant documents and oral
submissions the officers of the League decided that as an inadvertent breach
of the Rules only had occurred that St Patrick's Athletic be fined IR£1,000
and warned about its future administration.

Michael Hyland Declan O'Luanaigh
Chairman Treasurer

Roy Dooney

06/09/2001, 12:22 PM
thats so typical of Dublins clubs bending or changing the rules to suit them ( or in thise case completely ignoring them). it clearly states in the rulebook that a dedution of 3points per game will be made as what happened to city way back against UCD, yet even after Roy Dooney admite that pats broke the rules they still dont get punished.
£1,000 fine and a slap on the wrists is a joke and leaves the whole league in a mess

same old Dublin...
always cheating.

06/09/2001, 1:44 PM
They only broke the rules because An Post lost the form. That can hardly be described as cheating. The fact was someone in Pats made a mistake. If you dock every club in this league that makes a mistake, the league winners wouldn't have one point

06/09/2001, 1:45 PM
Fantastic News....Now lets go on and win this bloody league.....................


06/09/2001, 6:26 PM
....if we don't win it now after this stroke of luck,we never will! Glad to see that common sense prevailed,you could see that it was a genuine human error and not the crime of the century.Shels outgoing chairman Gary Brown was in the Irish Times saying the nine points should be docked,but he WOULD say that.

07/09/2001, 8:36 AM
....It's a good job St. Pat's amalgamated with St. Francis because only the 'BIG' clubs would get away with that!!!!