View Full Version : Links Administrator Wanted

08/06/2001, 1:05 PM
One of the first things we'll be setting up on the site is a links section, because... well, because it's easy to set up. We'll create the first bust of categories and links, but after then we'll need someone to look after it. Which is quite simple really, you'll get an email every time someone posts a new link, and you'll just need to log in, check it out, decide if it's appropriate and in the right category, validate it, and post it if all that's ok. It's a quick, easy and painless job.

Post here or email the usual address (phootball@iewebs.com).


08/06/2001, 8:09 PM
sign us up .. why not?
got way too much free net-time anyway:D :D


08/06/2001, 8:47 PM
I'm in

09/06/2001, 1:42 AM
Sorry lads, been offline for most of the day. Been booted from Surf NoLimits and De Multi's been out all day, so I've been using the time constructively to format me drives and reinstall everything. Ah, tis great to have a clean machine again!

Anyway, thanks for that, I'll be installing a links application over the weekend, and hacking it to tie in to vBulletin. When I'm done with that I'll add in a bust of links from the ODP and ye can have a look at it then.

The domain name is live by the way, I'm right chuffed with that. I reckon I'll relaunch the whole thing on Monday. :D