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29/08/2001, 11:46 AM
taken from the yahoo club

6 goals, 2 pens, a contender for goal of the season, hit posts, dubious decision against McTiernan
who was clearly pulled back and prevented on scoring the winner and a Sligo crowd that easily
outnumbered the home support.
Rovers went off the pitch to another ovation and again deserved.
This game showed two things, firstly the character of the young Sligo side to come back from 3-2
and the feeling that despite the heartening performances all season, it will be very difficult to win this
league. Athlone played there part in a great game, and after going 3-2 up everyone thought that they
would go on to win it.
Flannery showed great courage to score 2 fine penalties oner was awarded after Connaughton
ridculously took down Mc Laughlin and the other after a hand ball. Cretaro's goal was superb, he
took the ball from his own half ran at the defence and drilled a left foot shot past the keeper. Mind
you the defence open up like the parting of the Red Sea.
Athlone's goals were well executed - Myler showed his class in finishing. They are a strong side.
Rovers really looked like schoolboys against them - particularily at corners. We do need a bit of
strength and height.
Man of the match for me is shared between Cretaro and Dolan.

29/08/2001, 2:31 PM
The reason we made Sligo look like schoolboys is cos thats what they were.
a 16 year lod winger and about 5 under 20s.
and they still played us off the pitch for most of the game!!!!

Dolan had a good game as did Hutch.
Mylers goals were pure class and a good finish from MorrisRoe too.
Penos were terrible to give away but Creato took his goal well

30/08/2001, 10:00 AM
yeah the rovers team that night was pretty young
healy 20 -21 ish
cretaro 19
o dwyer 17
hutch 27 28
lally early 20s
jinks 17
dolan 21
manering mid 20s
mc loughlin 16
mc ternan 18
flannery 21