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28/07/2003, 8:34 AM
Bray have signed three players this past weekend.

Robbie McGuinness formerly with St Patricks Athletic, Graham Lawlor returning from Newry Town and Anthony Martin, previously with Blackburn Rovers, have all been added to the Seagulls' squad.

28/07/2003, 8:50 AM
Is McGuinness definitely signed?

28/07/2003, 8:57 AM
Bray have the strongest squad in Division 1. I think Bray will go straight back up as winners. I don't rate Harps, last years side was better.
I know Bray are always a good cup team, but were Athlone that bad in the second half?

28/07/2003, 11:09 AM
for the past couple of weekd that he would sign and it's been in the papers etc.... but the club website said he has defo signed now, tis acutally a great signing for the club, very handy player to have on board. Hopefully if lawlor can stay fit now he can play his part aswell, he only got a handful of chances last year and i thought did pretty well.

It's between us and harps this year, but i dont think Dublin City will be that far off the pace, we deffo have the biggest and best squad in the league but we need to become more consistant and stop the stupid mistakes at the back ! big wes has been playin well lately so hopefully the rest of the defenders will follow ! Devo made a super signing with our new young aussie keeper chris o'connor, he's gonna be one of the best in the league in a few years time !

28/07/2003, 11:41 AM
Tony Mcguirk that Bray have signed the 2 new boys and lawlor has come back from being out on loan. Things are lookin very green and white at the moment :-)

Bring on the Harps

LFC in Exile
29/07/2003, 4:44 PM
It's a pity with the players you have that Devlin has you playing long ball, kick and rush stuff. It's effective I suppose, but it must be painful to watch every week.

31/07/2003, 1:25 PM
Kick and rush? Obviously you haven't seen the silky skills of Eamon Zayed, John Flood, Colm James, Paul Forsyth et al.
Wanderers have been playing some very good football recently...