View Full Version : Tips on Irelands away game in switzerland!!

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08/10/2003, 9:26 AM
yeah i have heard it is good, and much cheaper than basel of course and its in euro's so u wont have to be changing money or any of that crap for the days in france. I think trains run through the night too back from basel so u can go on the **** after the match and not worry about sleeping on the streets.

08/10/2003, 10:54 AM
Hope the trains are running all night. found it hard to get decent info on train times and any ones i've seen seem to finish at around 20:30 saturday night. Might see you over there in Strasbourg! keep an eye out for the flag at the match. it's 12' x 6' with IMTA on it and a picture of Che!

08/10/2003, 11:22 AM
i have a thomas cook timetable and according to that trains frun from basel to strasbourg at 22.30, 00.05 and 02.57 and 5.30 and then every hour after that. The thomas cook timetable was reliable when I travelled around Europe last year by train.

08/10/2003, 3:04 PM
group going cork paris thurs and fri onto basle by train 2 nights in basle all in for about 400 euros for those of us with tickets within the group.NOW DOES ANYONE HAVE SPARE TICKETS