View Full Version : Congratulate Gaz

27/08/2001, 6:41 PM
Everyone congratulate Gaz, who eventually gets to moderate a forum all of his very own (well, he always could because he's an admin, but I thought he'd like to see his name in lights.)

Also, Gaz reckons he wants to be called Vimes, but I reckon he should be Leonard of Quirm, because he's the creative type and he's a loony. I've changed me mind now though, I reckon he should be CMOT Dibbler, cos he's a chancer. Although that might be more suited to Joe...

But let's have a poll for the crack anyway...

[Course, none of that will make any sense to people who don't read PTerry, but there you go.]


27/08/2001, 6:48 PM
Changed me mind again, I'm voting for Vimes. Admins, no tinkering with the poll now, behave...


14/09/2001, 2:56 AM
oops, me mouse slipped. hehehe...:D