View Full Version : Kildare County's New Manager?

21/07/2003, 8:38 PM
Now Dykes is new favorite, would make alot sense and rock the boat less. already well liked by fans and players.

Also well fancied are Mahon and Cooke.


followed by Murray, Lawlor, Moen.

and finally the mighty Quinn (try and keep it real):D

22/07/2003, 9:36 AM
Dykes was interviewd in derry yesterday and has agreed terms. He is officially gone.

Apparantly the interest in the job has been phenomenal with a hell of a lot of applications going in. Some good and some bad.

dont think rico is a possibility though.

23/07/2003, 1:24 PM
John Gill will not be the next Kildare County manager, Dublin City have refused permission to talk to County.

23/07/2003, 1:59 PM
Strike another one off the list Pete Mahon say no (not the right time).

23/07/2003, 2:50 PM
Mahon was never offered the job. He was interviewed allright but no offer was made. There are at least 6 guys being interviewed.

Its gas the way media guys say "Mahon rejects kildare"....like I said on our own site how can he reject us if he wasn't offered it in the first place.

24/07/2003, 1:20 PM
Cherry Orchard manager Paul O'Brien is now the new favorite, with Pat Byrne former Ireland player and Shamrock Rovers player/Manager in the running.
Also a current Division 1 manager is interested. I think Noel King has put his hat in the ring too.

24/07/2003, 1:58 PM
have you any info on paul o brien?

when was the last time pat byrne managed and how succesful was he.

kingo doesn't strike me as the sharpest tool in the box.

24/07/2003, 2:30 PM
Don't have much info on any of them. i'II try and dig up some.

Noel has not got a clue what's going on in Div 1. His comments on TV3 about teams are just boring at this stage:o

24/07/2003, 3:29 PM
Pat Byrne
Pat Byrne began his league of Ireland football with Bohemians where he won league and cup medals. Next stop for Pat was America where he joined Philadelphia Fury in 1978. Pat also had spells with Leicester City and in Scotland with Hearts.
In 1983 Pat came home and signed for Shamrock Rovers where he became one of the most vital players in the four in a row winning side. Some of the passes and free-kicks that Pat took were a joy to behold. At his time at rovers Pat won four league winner's medals and three FAI cup winner's medals.
Pat Byrne won international cap's playing for Ireland and was the last national league player to get a full international cap playing for Ireland. He also won many inter-league and Olympic team cap's in his time.
At the end of the 1987/88 season Pat left rovers to manage Shelbourne and in 1992 he finally won the league as manager.
Pat came back to Rovers as commercial manager and finally took over as manager when Alan O'Neill and Terry Eviston got the sack. His only season in charge of Rovers was not one of the most memorable ones ever as Rovers struggled all season and it was only with two games to go that Rovers guaranteed premier division survival. At the end of season Pat stepped down as manager and Mick Byrne took over. Pat stayed on as commercial manager for one more season.
pat took over the managers job at Kilkenny City.

24/07/2003, 3:41 PM
have you any info on paul o brien?

Can't find any

kingo doesn't strike me as the sharpest tool in the box.

Irish women's international manager.

Said he could sign three or four Arsenal players. He didn't say they were from the womens team!:D

A face
24/07/2003, 3:45 PM
It is a good sign that there is so much interest in the club on that side of things. Its reassuring to see it.

26/07/2003, 8:09 PM
The new manager has been picked, I don't know his name. Will be announced on Monday.

28/07/2003, 9:02 AM
Just got a text, the Dundrum manager Eric something is the hot tip for the job. Paul O'Brien can't take the post due to work commitments.