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02/02/2008, 9:50 PM
Does anyone know where one can get the past tables from these leagues, I have found it really hard to find them.

Thanks for any help.

centre mid
02/02/2008, 10:51 PM
LSL - email info@lsl.ie I dont think they are available online.

03/02/2008, 2:41 PM
I did, I got a error saying that it could send to that e-mail address. I tried a few different address and still got that error.

06/02/2008, 10:37 PM
Anyone got other idea's

07/02/2008, 8:18 AM
There is a contact name and address on the lsl website. www.lsl.ie

centre mid
09/02/2008, 5:04 PM
The above blog has loads of munster league info, its mostly junior soccer but an email to the administrator might be worth a shot. I thing is run by a guy from the echo so should be able to provide some help.

09/02/2008, 5:39 PM
I'm looking for a list of Leinster Senior League winners (top league only) since its inception. Very hrd to get...

If you find out The Boss, let me know...

15/02/2008, 5:56 PM
Do not have past tables of above mentioned leagues, but have gathered following.
Leinster Senior League - Details of past champions 1897-1997 (looking to update list to 2007)
Munster Senior League - Details of past champions 1921-1999 (looking to update list to 2007)
Ulster Senior Legue - Commenced 1987/88, believe I have details re champions 02/03-05/06. Believe Fanad Utd have won it 12 times including 9 in a row but not aware of actual years. A thought may be if programmes are issued for FAI Intermediate Cup finals, and a copy can be located of their last final appearance v Wayside Celtic 1995 may contain a club history with honours.
A little frustrating is that I have noticed that the leagues below USL - Donegal & Inishowen have both recently launched their own web-stes with the Inishowen carrying a past honours board. Have details of past Donegal league winners to 1996 from another source.
CONNACHT SENIOR LEAGUE - Though not easy trying to research this league when not based in Ireland, even if was would probably be easier to bang ones head against a brick wall ! Though a relativly short lived league have only got details from club honours boards re CSL & CS Cup very patchy and seek confirmation.
Re sources for LSL & MSL . LSL from copy of Centenary history by a Joe Dodds copy viewed in National Library Kildare Street. MSL from history of MSL "Between the Picket Fences" by a Gerry Desmond & Dave Galvin. Believe they are or were behind the Cork City programme. The member Aface (?) may have a contact. Though have a copy it does contain past tables, if this is really what you want come back to me.

18/02/2008, 5:45 PM
Where known runners up also shown. Re wins by Shels/Bohs pre 1921, when in IL then LSL won by reserves, same applies post 1921. Where stated Army, regret did not note actual regiment.

1897/98 Army Shelbourne
1898/99 Army
1899/1900 Bohemians
1900/01 Bohemians
1901/02 Bohemians
1902/02 Shelbourne
1903/04 Shelbourne
1904/05 Bohemians
1905/06 Army
1906/07 Shelbourne
1907/08 Shelbourne
1908/09 Shelbourne
1909/10 St James's Gate
1910/11 Shelbourne
1911/12 St James's Gate
1912/13 Bohemians
1913/14 Bohemians
1914/15 St James's Gate
1915/16 Shelbourne
1916/17 Shelbourne
1917/18 Bohemians Shelbourne
1918/19 Shelbourne
1919/20 St James's Gate
1920/21 Shelbourne United
1921/22 Shamrock Rovers
1922/23 Bray (think Unknowns)
1923/24 Shelbourne Dundalk GNR
1924/25 Shamrock Rovers
1925/26 Brideville
1926/27 Bendogo
1927/28 Drumcondra
1928/29 Drumcondra Edenville
1929/30 Dolphin
1930/31 Dolphin
1931/32 Bohemians
1932/33 Brideville Bohemians
1933/34 Sligo Rovers Distillery
1934/35 Distillery
1935/36 Reds United Distillery
1936/37 Fearons Athletic
1937/38 Distillery
1938/39 Distillery
1939/40 Shamrock Rovers
1940/41 Distillery
1941/42 Distillery
1942/43 Shelbourne
1943/44 Shelbourne
1944/45 Bradmola Drumcondra
1945/46 Drumcondra
1946/47 Transport
1947/48 St Patrick's Athletic Transport
1948/49 St Patrick's Athletic
1949/50 St Patrick's Athletic
1950/51 St Patrick's Athletic
1951/52 Drumcondra
1952/53 Jacobs
1953/54 Jacobs Longford Town
1954/55 Jacobs
1955/56 St Patrick's Athletic
1956/57 St Patrick's Athletic Workman's Club (Dunleary)
1957/58 Bray (Wanderers ?)
1958/59 Bray (Wanderers ?)
1959/60 Bray (Wanderers ?) Chapelizod
1960/61 Home Farm Shelbourne
1961/62 Workmans Club (Dunleary) Ormeau
1962/63 Transport
1963/64 Home Farm
1964/65 Tek United
1965/66 Tek United
1966/67 Glebe North
1967/68 Jacobs
1968/69 Tek United
1969/70 Rialto
1970/71 Tek United St James's Gate
1971/72 St Brendan's Tek United
1972/73 Rialto Tek United
1973/74 CYM Trenure Transport
1974/75 Tek United CYM Terenure
1975/76 Pegasus Parkvilla
1976/77 Aer Lingus Bluebell United
1977/78 Tek United Workman's Club (Dunleary)
1978/79 Pegasus Bray (Wanderers ?)
1979/80 Hammond Lane AIB
1980/81 Pegasus Railway Union
1981/82 Bluebell United St Joseph Boys
1982/83 Hammond Lane
1983/84 Bluebell United Dunleary Celtic
1984/85 St Mary's (Athlone) Bluebell United
1985/86 Bluebell United Tek United
1986/87 Bluebell United Tek United
1987/88 St James's Gate Bluebell United
1988/89 St James's Gate Bluebell United
1989/90 St Francis St James's Gate
1990/91 Glanmire Celtic St Francis
1991/92 St Francis Ballyfermott United
1992/93 St Francis Glanmire Celtic
1993/94 Cherry Orchard Glanmire Celtic
1994/95 Cherry Orchard Ashton Villa
1995/96 St Francis Cherry Orchard

They were obtained from before mentioned book, if correct these are all I have, can anyone add to them.

1998/99 Newbrigde United

2002/03 Wayside Celtic
2003/04 Wayside Celtic


18/02/2008, 7:51 PM
Pre 1921
Munster FA originally formed around 1900. No details known of any league winners pre 1914 apart from Cahir Park being Division 2 champions in 1912/13, the league probably was dominated by millitary teams as was the original MFA Cup pre 1914.

1921/22 Barrackton United 1-0 Cahir Park
NB this was a play-off between South Munster League & North Munster League winners
1922/23 Barrackton United Bohemians
1923/24 Fordsons Barrackton United
1924/25 Shandon Cobh Ramblers
1925/26 Cobh Ramblers Fordsons 'B'
1926/27 Barrackton United Fordsons 'B'
1927/28 Waterford Celtic Cork Celtic
1928/29 Fordsons 'B' Cobh Ramblers
1929/30 Fordsons 'B' Cobh Ramblers
1930/31 Bohemians Cork 'B'
1931/32 Cork 'B' Cobh Ramblers
1932/33 Waterford Cobh Ramblers
1933/34 Fermoy/Tramore Rookies Title shared
1934/35 Cobh Ramblers Steampacket
1935/36 Cobh Ramblers Steampacket
1936/37 Evergreen Cobh Ramblers
1937/38 Bohemians Cobh Ramblers
1938/39 Grattan United Cobh Ramblers
1939/40 Grattan United Bohemians
1940/41 Bohemians unconfirmed
1941/42 St Kevin's Bohemians
1942/43 AOH Bohemians
1943/44 Cobh Ramblers Coastal Defence
1945/46 Richmond Celtic Blackrock
1946/47 Rockville Greenmount Rangers
1947/48 Rockville Cobh Ramblers
1948/49 Freebooters Rockville
1949/50 AOH Rockville
1950/51 AOH Cobh Ramblers
1951/52 Pike Rovers AOH
1952/53 AOH Pike Rovers
1953/54 Albert Rovers Cobh Ramblers
1954/55 Albert Rovers Limerick 'B'
1955/56 Evergreen Utd 'B' Albert Rovers
1956/57 Cobh Ramblers AOH
1957/58 Tycor Athletic Glasheen
1958/59 Albert Rovers Cobh Ramblers
1959/60 Tycor Athletic Glasheen
1960/61 Tycor Athletic Cork Hibs 'B'
1961/62 Glasheen Ringmahon Rangers
1962/63 Cork Hibs 'B' Glasheen
1963/64 Ringmahon Rangers Cobh Ramblers
1964/65 Ringmahon Rangers Limerick 'B'
1965/66 Ringmahon Rangers Cobh Ramblers
1966/67 Tramore Athletic Ringmahon Rangers
1967/68 Ringmahon Rangers Tramore Athletic
1968/69 Ringmahon Rangers Cobh Ramblers
1969/70 Ringmahon Rangers Wembley
1970/71 Ringmahon Rangers Wembley
1971/72 Cobh Ramblers Ringmahon Rangers
1972/73 Wembley Ringmahon Rangers
1973/74 Tramore Athletic Crosshaven
1974/75 Crosshaven Tramore Athletic
1975/76 Cobh Ramblers Wembley
1976/77 Cobh Ramblers Crosshaven
1977/78 Cobh Ramblers UCC
1978/79 Crofton Celtic UCC
1979/80 Cobh Ramblers Tramore Athletic
1980/81 Cobh Ramblers Everton
1981/82 Cobh Ramblers Clonmel Town
1982/83 Cobh Ramblers Glasheen
1983/84 Cobh Ramblers Tramore Athletic
1984/85 Cobh Ramblers Tramore Athletic
1985/86 Limerick City 'B' Avondale United
1986/87 Crofton Celtic College Corinthians
1987/88 Avondale United Tramore Athletic
1988/89 Tramore Athletic Avondale United
1989/90 Tramore Athletic Midleton
1990/91 Midleton Cork City 'B'
1991/92 Midleton Avondale United
1992/93 Avondale United St Mary's
1993/94 Everton Avondale United
1994/95 College Corinthians Avondale United
1995/96 Avondale United Everton
1996/97 College Corinthians Temple United
1997/98 College Corinthians Glasheen

If correct these are following details from above date - appreciate any help for filling in blanks.

1998/99 ? ?
1999/2000 Rockmount Cobh Wanderrs
2000/01 College Corinthians Cobh Wanderers
2001/02 Rockmount Cobh Wanderers
2002/03 College Corinthians ?
2003/04 Avondale United St Mary's
2004/05 Castleview ?
2005/06 Rockmount Avondale United
2006/07 ? ?

1986/87 Casement Celtic Dungarvan United
1987/88 St Mary's.............UCC
1988/89 Mallow United.......Cobh Ramblers 'B'
1989/90 Cork City 'B'.........Glasheen
1990/91 Crosshaven..........Cobh Wanderers
1991/92 Tramore Athletic...Fermoy
1992/93 Carrigaline United....Glasheen
1993/94 UCC....................Mallow United
1994/95 Cobh Wanderers....Douglas Hall
1995/96 Temple United.......Tralee Dynamoes
1996/97 Midleton...............Cobh Ramblers 'B'
1997/98 Leeds..................Cork City 'B'
1998/99 Cobh Wanderers..... ?

If correct these are following details from above date, again gratefull for any help in filling in blanks.

1999/2000 UCC................?
2000/01 Douglas Hall.........?
2001/02 ?...............?
2002/03 Avondale United......Fermoy
2003/04 Castleview.............Ringmahon Rangers
2004/05 Blarney United........Carrigaline United
2005/06 Mayfield United......Tramore United

18/02/2008, 8:36 PM
1998/99 Newbrigde United

Should be Newbridge Town.
Sorry can't be of further assistance.

18/02/2008, 9:40 PM
Where known runners up also shown. Re wins by Shels/Bohs pre 1921, when in IL then LSL won by reserves, same applies post 1921

The below two years were won by St Pats' reserve team. The previous championships won were by our first team (before entering the league in 1951)

1955/56 St Patrick's Athletic
1956/57 St Patrick's Athletic

18/02/2008, 10:39 PM
This league commenced in 1981, and seems very hard to get information on it,
from what I have found these are the only details and they may need confirmation. Any additional information more than welcome.

1983/84 Mervue United........?
1984/85 Mervue United........?
1985/86 Galway United........?

1987/88 Galway United........?
1988/89 Castlebar Celtic.....Salthill Devon

1992/93 Mervue United........?

1994/95 Straide & Foxford United........?
1995/96 Ballinasloe Town....?

1997/98 Mervue United........?
1998/99 Mervue United........?

Some time late 90's / 2000's league ground to a halt due to I believe not sufficient clubs left to sustain league.

Around the same time as the Connaght Senior League, there was also a Connacht Senior Cup, but there was also a Connacht Senior League Cup, and theres a chance some of the following may be a combination of both, would like to ascertain past details of Connacht Senior Cup Finals.

1977/78 Sligo Rovers v ?

1983/84 Mervue United v ?
1984/85 Galway United 1-0 Castlerea Celtic
1985/86 Mervue United v ?
1986/87 Calry Bohemians v ?
1987/88 Calry Bohemians v ?

1990/91 Salthill Devon 1-0 Westport United

1992/93 Mervue United v ?
1993/94 West United 2-1 Straide & Foxford United
1994/95 Mervue United v ?
1995/96 Galway United v ?
1996/97 Renmore ? v ? Salthill Devon
1997/98 Mervue United

Again this cup petered out same time as league though I believe it may recommence.

18/02/2008, 11:20 PM
League established 1987/88, to cater for top clubs in Donegal, Cavan & Monaghan, possible at first there may have been clubs from last 2 counties participating but require confirmation. If correct today could be viewed as a Senior Donegal league being fed by the Junior Donegal & Inishowen Leagues. At times both Derry City & Finn Harps's reserve teams have been involved.
Aware up to millenium Fanad United had dominated league having won it up to that time 11 times including 9 in a row.
If correct following may stress may be details of champions, again welcome any additional information and confirmation.
Just gathered from other thread converting to summer season (al la Co Mayo & Eircom style)

1987/88 Fanad United......?
1988/89 ?
1989/90 ?
1990/91 ?
1991/92 Buncranna Hearts.....?
1992/93 Fanad United...........?
1993/94 Fanad United...........?
1994/95 Fanad United...........?
1995/96 Fanad United.....Derry City Reserves
1996/97 Fanad United...........?
1997/98 Fanad United...........?
1998/99 Fanad United...........?
1999/2000 Fanad United........?
2000/01 Fanad United...........?
2001/02 Quigleys Point Swifts....?
2002/03 Quigleys Point Swifts....?
2003/04 Kildrum Tgers.......Quigleys Point Swifts
2004/05 Letterkenny Rovers......?
2005/06 Fanad United........Kildrum Tigers
2006/07 (ended April/May 2007) ?
2007 (Ended December 2007) ?
2008 (Commencing March ? 2008) ?

19/02/2008, 7:08 AM
MSL Premier
2006/07 Rockmount Avondale Utd

MSL 1st Division
2006/07 Passage Cobh Wanderers

Mr A
19/02/2008, 8:56 AM
Finn Harps Reserves won the USL in 1998-1999 season.

19/02/2008, 10:17 AM
These are off top of my head, the winners are 100% correct to my knowledge & almost certain of the recent runners up.

Started in 1986.

1986-87 - Fanad Utd
1987-88 - ??
1988-89 - ??
1989-90 - Fanad Utd
1990-91 - Fanad Utd
1991-92 - Fanad Utd
1992-93 - Fanad Utd
1993-94 - Fanad Utd
1994-95 - Fanad Utd
1995-96 - Fanad Utd
1996-97 - Fanad Utd
1997-98 - Fanad Utd
1998-99 - Finn Harps Res (won every match that season) -- Swilly Rovers
1999-00 - Swilly Rovers -- Keadue Rovers
2000-01 - Fanad Utd -- Swilly Rovers
2001-02 - Quigleys Point Swifts
2002-03 - Quigleys Point Swifts -- Letterkenny Rovers
2003-04 - Kildrum Tigers
2004-05 - Letterkenny Rovers -- Fanad Utd
2005-06 - Fanad Utd -- Kildrum Tigers
2006-07 - Fanad Utd -- Kildrum Tigers
2007 - Kildrum Tigers (Shortened season Aug-Nov 07 due to summer football change in 2008) -- (Runners Up either Fanad Utd or Drumkeen Utd as they were to play last match to decide it just before Christmas)

Think Buncrana Hearts won it either 87 or 88 & another team who i cant remember at this moment won it. Will post the 100% correct winners in near future as I have close up photo of league winners engraved on the cup, myself having won it with Letterkenny in 04-05 season.

20/02/2008, 7:51 PM
Following on from my last submission above I have checked out past winners.

All of the above are correct along with -

1987/88 champions - Culdaff FC
1988/89 champions - Buncrana Hearts

Both these teams are won the league in those 2 seasons, I'm near certain they are in that order. Hence only eight teams have won the USL.

There are only 4 remaining teams of the original founding clubs of the 1986 USL. Fanad Utd, Swilly Rovers, Buncrana Hearts & Letterkenny Rovers. All 4 have now won the USL with Letterkenny Rovers being the last to complete this in 2005.

20/02/2008, 9:41 PM
Thanks Potn.
Would you by chance know founder clubs. Interested to see if all Donegal, or indeed clubs from Cavan Monaghan competed.

Mr A
21/02/2008, 8:09 AM
I think Cockhill Celtic were one of the founding clubs.

21/02/2008, 9:00 AM
Its possible that Cockhill were a founding club. I'm not sure. The remark I posted above was taken from a newspaper report from 2005 when Letterkenny had just won the league. The remark was current then, however Cockhill have since joined the USL. The four clubs I mentioned I think have been in the USL every season since it began.

Mr A
21/02/2008, 9:28 AM
Yeah, I know Cockhill went back to junior football not long after the USL began, returning only recently. I have a notion that the USL has a rule that founding clubs can rejoin whenever they want- they need not necessarily win the Donegal or Inishowen leagues. I could be wrong on that though.

09/12/2011, 5:57 PM
Can anyone help fill the following gaps -
Munster Senior league Champions - 2009/10, 2010/11
Munster Senior League Runners up - 1998/99, 2002/03, 2004/05, 2005/06, 2008/09, 2009/10, 2010/11
Munster Senior League Division 1 Champions - 2001/02
Munster Senior League Division 1 Runners up - 1998/99, 1999/2000, 2000/01, 2010/11

Would anyone confirm am I correct in that the Beamish Cup is the principle Munster Senior League knock-out cup ? and would anyone have details of finals since 1997/98 ?

09/12/2011, 6:27 PM
Munster Senior league Champions - 2009/10 Rockmount, 2010/11 Rockmount
Munster Senior League Runners up - 1998/99, 2002/03, 2004/05, 2005/06, 2008/09 Rockmount, 2009/10 Avondale United, 2010/11 Douglas Hall
Munster Senior League Division 1 Champions - 2001/02
Munster Senior League Division 1 Runners up - 1998/99, 1999/2000, 2000/01, 2010/11 Leeds AFC

Would anyone confirm am I correct in that the Beamish Cup is the principle Munster Senior League knock-out cup ? and would anyone have details of finals since 1997/98 ? Yes this is the main sneior cup in the MSL

Please correct if anyone feels i ahve given the wrong information. This is totally off memory

mayfield utd
09/12/2011, 8:12 PM
Pre 1921 Munster FA originally formed around 1900. No details known of any league winners pre 1914 apart from Cahir Park being Division 2 champions in 1912/13, the league probably was dominated by millitary teams as was the original MFA Cup pre 1914.1921/22 Barrackton United 1-0 Cahir ParkNB this was a play-off between South Munster League & North Munster League winners1922/23 Barrackton United Bohemians1923/24 Fordsons Barrackton United1924/25 Shandon Cobh Ramblers1925/26 Cobh Ramblers Fordsons 'B'1926/27 Barrackton United Fordsons 'B'1927/28 Waterford Celtic Cork Celtic1928/29 Fordsons 'B' Cobh Ramblers1929/30 Fordsons 'B' Cobh Ramblers1930/31 Bohemians Cork 'B'1931/32 Cork 'B' Cobh Ramblers1932/33 Waterford Cobh Ramblers1933/34 Fermoy/Tramore Rookies Title shared1934/35 Cobh Ramblers Steampacket1935/36 Cobh Ramblers Steampacket1936/37 Evergreen Cobh Ramblers1937/38 Bohemians Cobh Ramblers1938/39 Grattan United Cobh Ramblers1939/40 Grattan United Bohemians1940/41 Bohemians unconfirmed1941/42 St Kevin's Bohemians1942/43 AOH Bohemians1943/44 Cobh Ramblers Coastal Defence1944/45 CHAMPIONSHIP UNFINISHED1945/46 Richmond Celtic Blackrock1946/47 Rockville Greenmount Rangers1947/48 Rockville Cobh Ramblers1948/49 Freebooters Rockville1949/50 AOH Rockville1950/51 AOH Cobh Ramblers1951/52 Pike Rovers AOH1952/53 AOH Pike Rovers1953/54 Albert Rovers Cobh Ramblers1954/55 Albert Rovers Limerick 'B'1955/56 Evergreen Utd 'B' Albert Rovers1956/57 Cobh Ramblers AOH1957/58 Tycor Athletic Glasheen1958/59 Albert Rovers Cobh Ramblers1959/60 Tycor Athletic Glasheen1960/61 Tycor Athletic Cork Hibs 'B'1961/62 Glasheen Ringmahon Rangers1962/63 Cork Hibs 'B' Glasheen1963/64 Ringmahon Rangers Cobh Ramblers1964/65 Ringmahon Rangers Limerick 'B'1965/66 Ringmahon Rangers Cobh Ramblers1966/67 Tramore Athletic Ringmahon Rangers1967/68 Ringmahon Rangers Tramore Athletic1968/69 Ringmahon Rangers Cobh Ramblers1969/70 Ringmahon Rangers Wembley1970/71 Ringmahon Rangers Wembley1971/72 Cobh Ramblers Ringmahon Rangers1972/73 Wembley Ringmahon Rangers1973/74 Tramore Athletic Crosshaven1974/75 Crosshaven Tramore Athletic1975/76 Cobh Ramblers Wembley 1976/77 Cobh Ramblers Crosshaven1977/78 Cobh Ramblers UCC1978/79 Crofton Celtic UCC1979/80 Cobh Ramblers Tramore Athletic1980/81 Cobh Ramblers Everton1981/82 Cobh Ramblers Clonmel Town1982/83 Cobh Ramblers Glasheen1983/84 Cobh Ramblers Tramore Athletic1984/85 Cobh Ramblers Tramore Athletic1985/86 Limerick City 'B' Avondale United1986/87 Crofton Celtic College Corinthians1987/88 Avondale United Tramore Athletic1988/89 Tramore Athletic Avondale United1989/90 Tramore Athletic Midleton1990/91 Midleton Cork City 'B'1991/92 Midleton Avondale United1992/93 Avondale United St Mary's1993/94 Everton Avondale United1994/95 College Corinthians Avondale United1995/96 Avondale United Everton1996/97 College Corinthians Temple United1997/98 College Corinthians GlasheenIf correct these are following details from above date - appreciate any help for filling in blanks.1998/99 ? ?1999/2000 Rockmount Cobh Wanderrs2000/01 College Corinthians Cobh Wanderers2001/02 Rockmount Cobh Wanderers2002/03 College Corinthians ?2003/04 Avondale United St Mary's2004/05 Castleview ?2005/06 Rockmount Avondale United2006/07 ? ?DIVISION 11986/87 Casement Celtic Dungarvan United1987/88 St Mary's.............UCC1988/89 Mallow United.......Cobh Ramblers 'B'1989/90 Cork City 'B'.........Glasheen1990/91 Crosshaven..........Cobh Wanderers1991/92 Tramore Athletic...Fermoy1992/93 Carrigaline United....Glasheen1993/94 UCC....................Mallow United1994/95 Cobh Wanderers....Douglas Hall1995/96 Temple United.......Tralee Dynamoes1996/97 Midleton...............Cobh Ramblers 'B'1997/98 Leeds..................Cork City 'B'1998/99 Cobh Wanderers..... ?If correct these are following details from above date, again gratefull for any help in filling in blanks.1999/2000 UCC................?2000/01 Douglas Hall.........?2001/02 ?...............?2002/03 Avondale United......Fermoy2003/04 Castleview.............Ringmahon Rangers2004/05 Blarney United........Carrigaline United2005/06 Mayfield United......Tramore United2000/01 1st division runner-up was mayfield utd,if that help you