View Full Version : Tickets for Bulgaria

Pauro 76
16/08/2001, 1:37 PM
Anyone know what the arrangements are for next week. Whos going on the Town chartered plane, have anyones plane tickets arrived yet, and is it true that deutschmarks are accpeted in Bulgaria...

18/08/2001, 7:14 PM
Deutschmarks? I was told Dollars, then exchange them for the best rate over there.

18/08/2001, 8:28 PM
I got a bot of both, DMs and Dollars. What are the flight arrangements like. 747 travel are leaving at 8.00 on tuesday morning to Sofia via Budapest. Any word on the official flight ? also Michael Caslin was saying that 747 got the better hotels ( he would say that wouldn't he I suppose !!! ).

20/08/2001, 4:12 PM
This might be a bit anorakish but bringing dollars is a lot better because people don't want Deutchmarks anymore as in January they're going to become worthless.


20/08/2001, 4:18 PM
Jeez at least soneone has listened to those Euro ads ;)

Now for the bonus point.....how many euros in a punt?