View Full Version : Station Road pitch

18/05/2003, 10:19 PM
May cost us promotion to the prem Div.

Too much football played on it.

Poor surface.

Small size pitch.

We could pick up more points away from home this season.

The bigger the pitch and better the surface, the greater Kildare County plays.

:( :( :( :

19/05/2003, 9:41 AM
I know its strange but I have to agree with you on this one.

At the moment its impossible to play ball out there. You can see it in how nervous the lads look with the ball compared to when they played in Dublin /Kilkenny and Harps.

Unfortunately we are stuck with it. Maybe with the 2 week break and Newbridge Towns season ending in the next few weeks things may get better.

I think Keely has said we will pick up more points away from home this year which is a shame. That could cost us in the shake up.