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A face
06/05/2003, 11:14 PM
has anyone got any pet hates about the game of football, like being fouled in one spot and taking a free then yards up field for it. Or time wasting.

07/05/2003, 8:43 AM
Originally posted by A face
has anyone got any pet hates about the game of football

Stealing yards is the big one for me because officials just allow it to happen. Diving is gone mad as well, if a player is breathed heavily on they go down now. Referees should be booking lots of players for diving. Let me see... other pet hates... well there's Dave Hill, Dermot Keely, Brendan Markey, Stephen Mullen... :)

07/05/2003, 11:03 AM
pet hates

linesmen flaggin for offside when there wasnt a chance in hell he was right. it can ruin a game completely

07/05/2003, 1:05 PM
Originally posted by pineapple stu
Another pet hate - "shielding" the ball out of play - surely that's obstruction if a player makes no attempt to play the ball?

Also, commentators whingeing at a referee who's just made a perfectly correct decision, only the commentator's too thick to know the rules! Happens more often than you'd think!

Yeah don't know how defenders are allowed obstruct (its not shielding when you move to block a player) forwards to let the ball run out of play.

Best example of commentators incorrectly criticising referees is when they calling for yellow card for handball - apparently only supposed to get a card is trying to deliberately gain advantage when handling the ball.


yur man
07/05/2003, 2:08 PM
injury time subsitutions :rolleyes:

07/05/2003, 3:44 PM
Originally posted by sadloserkid
Stealing yards is the big one for me because officials just allow it to happen Ya, and for throws as well, they move up half the pitch without anything being said:mad: I also hate when theres 2 identical fouls in a row, the 1st gets a card, the 2nd doesnt, it happened in the City V Rovers match there on Sunday.

I think that rugby should be looked at in relation to the respect refs get, with the 10 yard rule being brought in, its worked well in the premiership I think. In rugby if you even mutter under your breath to the ref you'll see the ball moved up the 10 and it shuts you up quickly! It also makes the game quicker as players just get on with it. Id also like to see a sin bin brought in, another good rugby rule.

Oh ya, keepers who take for ever to take kickouts when they are winning. Anyone remember the FAI Cup match V Kilkenny
:mad: :rolleyes: :mad: