View Full Version : Victory at Belfield

Gara Vogue
26/04/2003, 3:13 PM
A good crowd saw United defeat U.C.D. on Friday evening. The college fans were singing "Pat Jennings are you as good as your dad?" (to a familiar tune) and we all knew the answer when he was at fault for two goals in the first half. The first was a fumble of Sullivan's shot that allowed the menacing Gary O'Neill in to score. The second was a farcical own goal by Hugh Davey, who looked impressive as a wing back at other times in the game, and was surely a result of poor communication by the keeper.

The college had watched United play for most of the first half but somehow were the better side in the second half and, having got one goal back, threatened and probably deserved an equaliser. Certainly, during the whole match, Daniel Connor, Waterford's keeper recently signed from Peterborough United, made several very impressive saves. Almost definitely U.C.D. would have got at least a point if it hadn't been for Connor's performance.

Man of the match: Daniel Connor
Best loser: Mick O'Donnell