View Full Version : whats wrong wit being a Bohs fan?????

Cobh Ramblers
24/04/2003, 11:34 PM
2-0 kid, try and take it like a man and not a Bohs fan!

That was wrote by sadloserkid,whats his point????????????

A face
25/04/2003, 9:45 AM
Originally posted by Cobh Ramblers
whats his point????????????

That Bohs fans are not men !! .... :)

25/04/2003, 11:13 AM
His point (and all you had to do was ask) was that Bohs fans don't take defeat very well. Check out http://www.network54.com/Hide/Forum/91456 and scan back a few pages for details after the Cork - Bohs game that went down the same night you guys entertained us.

I like Bohs (Bobby Ryan is one of ours after all) and the little wink that came after my original post should have made it clear to you that I was jesting. Anyway, hope you understand now.