View Full Version : Ramblers off to a winning start

12/04/2003, 10:55 PM
1-0 Bruton
Anybody no how we played

Cobh Ramblers
13/04/2003, 4:31 PM
had 3 young players playing. Yelve at right back. coker nearly scored after 30 seconds! mcgregor on bench

13/04/2003, 8:31 PM
Ramblers played great attacking football. Defended well also. Got in some great blocks. Bruton had a great game and caused a lot of problems up front. Great to get off the mark with 3 points away from home. Hope we can build on that now and win at home next weekend.:)

Cobh Ramblers
14/04/2003, 10:47 AM
if we win at home were flying! Thank god john donegan is coming back:D