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31/07/2001, 9:31 AM
can anyone confirm when the longford town v cork city match is on - saturday, 11th august, or sunday, 12th?

31/07/2001, 1:48 PM
Sunday 12th methinks/thought....?:confused:

31/07/2001, 2:24 PM
Well games are normally the Saturday, including the Cup match last season. (Can't remember the league game, so prob was Saturday night ;) ) Don't know whether there is a special arrangement with Cork cos of the travelling.... Most likely Saturday.
btw What would you know Magoo??

31/07/2001, 2:29 PM
Some time ago i learned how to read. Things progressed from there really and this is my story... one day i read it in a fixtures table that the match was on Sunday. The end. :)

31/07/2001, 2:29 PM
I think I saw somewhere was saturday which was surprising since youse have the Uefa Cup game the previous thursday.

31/07/2001, 3:33 PM
I think it will prob be on the Sunday cos of the UEFA game (didn't suss the date when I first read your post), but Magoo I'll think you'll find that the fixtures are weekending the Sunday, not that they are the Sunday.

Magoo - Don't see why it matters to you what day its on anyway..... :rolleyes:

31/07/2001, 3:54 PM
it doesn't really, but the shed posse hardcore b*st*rd division are on their way and they like to have everything properly planned before departure


31/07/2001, 4:08 PM
Sorry Joe - had to be done :)

31/07/2001, 4:23 PM
Macy, we'll be in the area for a few days (gotta check out the Bulgarian women ;) ), so we ere thinking of applying for temporary membership of the Buckfast Army - what's the deal there?

31/07/2001, 7:20 PM
not that this matters one ickle bit but the fixture was quoted as the sunday (specifically). Other days were quoted for other matches too, such as Saturday, Friday, etc. anyway i was right wuznt I?:p

01/08/2001, 10:51 AM
Temp membership of the Bucky Army shouldn't be a problem - we had Brighton member down at HQ last Saturday! We'll sort it out next week when you know when you'll be in the misty midlands, but we'll no doubt be in the cottage in Valentines or PV's at some point during the night.

01/08/2001, 11:19 AM
we'll be there some time on thursday (awaiting confirmation from one of our members as to when he's getting into ireland)

01/08/2001, 12:25 PM
Well if you're at the Euro match, we'll be opposite the stand around the half way line, prob with bottles of 'coke'.

01/08/2001, 12:28 PM
nice one Macy. we'll see you up there so
Gota start practicing those complex longford songs for the night.

now how does it go again...oh yea

de Longford...drum drum drum

Pauro 76
01/08/2001, 1:31 PM
Speaking of which, im thinking of doing up a song sheet for those not in the know of the Bucky/Quick Nip songs, Sorbo, if your reading this, send us the Alan Kirby one! :cool:

01/08/2001, 1:44 PM
Tickertape - bags and bags of tickertape is what we need. Start making it now. We need enough to give it out to loads of people.......

btw Pauro a few songs in a PM should be with you now......

Pauro 76
01/08/2001, 2:01 PM
Got them, cheers Macy! Ill be at the game early to distribute them. And if no-one wants them, what the hell, more ticker tape!!!! :cool:

03/08/2001, 10:52 AM
Article is done and dusted - not saying what it's about, you'll have to buy it. But Pauro, you'll have to do that song sheet now - I've put in the article that you are compiling it for distribution, not that I want to put any pressure on you or anything........

03/08/2001, 12:23 PM
Did you mention the extreme dissapointment at the game not being played at flancare, or am I being a little premature??:(

Pauro 76
03/08/2001, 1:22 PM
Macy, just finished it, shall send you it in a PM....