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06/06/2001, 10:20 PM
Hi Sinead,I am interested to know how the continuing developement work is going on at Flancare Park in preparation for next season's UEFA cup? Whoever you get I hope yous can keep your home match where it should be,at HOME.It would be a pity to have to move it to Tolka Park.Even if you did have to move,and I'm not trying to tell LTFC their job,I think the greyhound stadium in Mullingar would be worth checking out,I drove past it the other day and it's looks very impressive on the outside.Of course,the inside could be a different matter!!!!

07/06/2001, 9:08 AM
Well an update on Flancare......
I went out yesterday evening for a nose (!) and there is people down from Belfast redraining the pitch, it costs thousands but "it has to be done" so I was informed last night. The stand has been built right up. Last season it was only half built but now they are just waiting for the seats to come! As for the rest of the grounds it all being built up for more seating. Supposedly ( have I spelt something wrong again!!!) its going to be seating all around the pitch. I didn't agree with this but now that I see the plans I'm swaying with the officials of the LTFC camp! I know loadsa of the lads want standing so they can continue to drink their buckfast and have a laugh, I'm sure they could manage to do this sitting! They usually end up sitting anyways!! So thats all I think! The pub, gym, dressing rooms will be located underneath the stand but at the moment the pitch and the seating is on the priority list..........I'll keep you posted! :)

07/06/2001, 10:42 AM
Well apparently the reason that the permenant seats are being put in is because it works out cheaper than hiring and insurance for the temp seats. Personally i'm opposed to all seater, purely because you should be able to have the choice to sit of stand. Ultimately for most games it's not going to matter with the regular crowds. The Buckfast Army are fairly supportive of the all seater developments, but the Quick Nip Faction are not happy. The real buckfast army and the continuity Buckfast Army are close to formation :D
On the other ground developments - the importance of these is immeasurable. Basically the gate revenue is not enough to cover the running costs. The Bar revenue alone, rather than having a pub sponsor would pump thousands into the club every match, plus the added possibility of functions. Likewise the Gym and astro pitch, while obviously benefitting the team, also open up extra revenues for the club during the week/ close season. We could even hire then out to the GAA ;)

12/06/2001, 1:33 AM
In the Stand there is only 6 steps to be put in. 3 this week & 3 the next week, all things going well:rolleyes: Then the following week, under the stand will be started (the lower section; bar,toilets, dressings rooms, & I think a shop) for now. The rest of the ground will be started on within the next 2 weeks.There will also be a disable area, this is the only area that is not going to be seated!

Macy you could stand in the disabled area after the UEFA cup, if your that desperate to stand at the matches !!!!:D;)

12/06/2001, 2:33 AM
Any pictures of Flancare Park? It sounds impressive...
Fair play to all at Longford, the most progressive club in the league by a mile...

12/06/2001, 9:26 AM
The disabled section might be appropriate considering the state of me and other members of the Bucky Army at some of the matches;) :cool: