View Full Version : Spurrs whipped off the park !!

A face
04/03/2003, 11:57 PM

Viva Le eircom League !!

05/03/2003, 7:06 AM
If Spurs were pre-season and Bohs had been in the middle of their season imagine then.
i understand that Bohs fans were delighted with the way they played rather than the result itself. The most important thing is european competition - lets not forget that.
i hope that some of the irish "spurs supporters" might turn up regularly now and watch Bohs.

Pauro 76
05/03/2003, 7:44 AM
Yeah well done Bohs, this might teach the EL slagging, Premiership barstool brigade a thing or two....

05/03/2003, 7:57 AM
to see 2 Bray rejects scoring last night :D
only messin, sure isnt doyle me own cousin ! Fair play to Bohs and all there fans for turning out in such numbers, a super result.
It's already looking very bad for the rest of the teams in the premier - looks like they'll be playing for 2nd spot again.

05/03/2003, 8:08 AM
Great win for them, fair dues that will show them.
But what is better was that Spurs were outplayed and outclassed, they can't go 'lucky goal' etc. They were beaten fair and square.
I just hope Spurs don't use this as an excuse to raid the el for some of it young players.

A face
05/03/2003, 9:22 AM
Originally posted by Dricky
I just hope Spurs don't use this as an excuse to raid the el for some of it young players.

Well Bohs are good at selling players now where as we are not (to be honest) along with all the other eL clubs.

And with results like that we should be fleesing English clubs who want Irish players

05/03/2003, 9:28 AM
John Gorman is quoted as saying on soccercentral that Spurs will be looking at a couple of Boez players after their performances last night

Badweather Fan
05/03/2003, 10:56 AM
Where was Crowe?

05/03/2003, 12:18 PM
Originally posted by Badweather Fan
Where was Crowe? Still injured I think.

05/03/2003, 12:57 PM
Was the Ukranian lad really as good as the reports on radio and papers?

05/03/2003, 5:20 PM
well done Bohs!
- a credit to the league!

05/03/2003, 5:53 PM
Well done Bohs, you did the League proud. Not bad for a team only back 3 days in training.

Maybe now those idiots who tell us constantly that our League is rubbish will have to face up to one or two facts.
Either 1/ Our League is actually very good .Bohs can prove me right by reaching at least the 3rd Qualifying Round of the Champions League. The group stage would be nice but we have to crawl before we walk . Good luck to the Gypsies (except when they play U.C.D. of course)


2/ Aside from the top 6 clubs, The English F.A. Premiership is total ****e. And they should start looking for a real quality League like the Spanish Primera Liga ( Good Old Deportivo) to support. But as that is too much of a stretch they should really go and support their local team.

By the way Real Football Fans Actually go to see their club teams
play in person

Proud to be an Eircom League supporter, thanks Bohs for flying the flag( even if you needed 2 ex-UCD guys to help you do it)