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08/06/2007, 2:28 PM
According to Mick Wallace anyway. Taken from Unison, Wexford People.

Sowing deep, healthy roots (http://www.wexfordpeople.ie/sport/other-sports/sowing-deep-healthy-roots-694637.html)

WE LOST four games in a row as our inexperience at this level told against us.

We have been developing into a stronger unit all the time and no doubt, with a little bit of good fortune, might well have won some of those games.

On Saturday night we played well and got some reward for it in the form of a draw.

We fared better defending set-pieces which has been our nemesis this season, helped in no small part by a greater display of authority from goalkeeper Jason Russell.

As in the Limerick game on Tuesday night, we got forward with more purpose and frequency against Kildare than in most games prior to this week.

That we still only managed to score once is partly due to a heavily ingrained lack of belief in front of goal.

Like many other things, that belief will come in time, and anyone who doubts the resolve of Wexford Youths F.C. to make it at the top level of football in Ireland need think again.

I have said all along that it will probably be our third season before we are in a position to push for promotion, but in the meantime, we will be sowing deep roots - deep, healthy roots that will bear real fruit of quality.

For the record, I thought our supporters were wonderful on Saturday night.


I have a really good feeling that we'll see a much improved Youths after the break, starting with a win against Limerick in the cup. Some of the players looked like they really needed the break, and it will give them a chance to get away from the game for a week and get the confidence back in front of goal.:ball: