View Full Version : Prediction for Bohs tonight?

18/07/2001, 1:10 PM
What youse (for the day thats in it) all think?

18/07/2001, 1:19 PM
my natural pessimism means i'm going for a score draw!

Coran Mc Sweene
18/07/2001, 1:38 PM
It should be a very easy win in the sense that Bohs should play them off the park but will probably win only 1-0 with many miss chances!

18/07/2001, 3:07 PM
boez till full-time

Nice 1-0 win to qualify

18/07/2001, 3:59 PM
I reckon they'll get the score daw easy,1-1 or 2-2.On that subject,is'nt it great (Irish,but still great!!) that we can temporarily put aside normal club rivalries,to cheer on an IRISH club in Europe,it would'nt happen anywhere else!!!