View Full Version : Match off

17/01/2003, 4:07 PM
Match is off tonight due to waterlogged pitch (again!). Af far as I know, it will be played on Monday night.

Reservoir Drog
17/01/2003, 4:56 PM
Thanks - you just saved me a trip and a lot of money (although I was hoping you were just joking).

18/01/2003, 9:02 AM
Fu*king stupid, I was on the bus when a mate rang me to say that the game was called off and then I was stuck on the bus for an hour and a half. I thought that they did pitch inspections at lunch time before an evening game?? It seems not, I bet that pr*ck ollie byrne has something to do with it :mad:

18/01/2003, 11:52 AM
f=ck that, I was walking down Richmond road before I found out. An hour up and an hour back - what a waste. There was nothing said on the RTE 5o'clock news. What time was it called off? Surley it would have been called off much earlier in the day. Perhaps Ollie was going to soak the water up with 20 notes.

18/01/2003, 12:19 PM
It says on eleven-a-side that it was called off at 4:30pm but I only got word of it at about 5:15. I heard the 5 o'clock news aswell and it said that the game was on.