View Full Version : uefa bloke calling to Flancare!

Pauro 76
16/07/2001, 2:05 PM
Hope Flancare Park will be passed fit for the UEFA game by the inspector coming on Wednesday. Hide the Buckfast quick!!! Last thing we want is Tolka...

16/07/2001, 2:30 PM
Was kicking it up in London last weekend and didn't get to help.... What type of support was there last Sunday. Is it coming along nicely.. Should Wednesday be a breeze.

16/07/2001, 3:03 PM
Was out there Saturday, but they were working on the pitch, not the stand. The slabs for the uncovered seats haven't arrived yet - It won't get passed on whats been done so far.....

16/07/2001, 3:59 PM
Just take him for a night out, all expenses paid etc... & y'all be fine.

Sure UEFA refs been getting fur coats 'n other "perks" for years & its fine as long as no one finds out ;)

Would the Longford coffers stretch to fur coats & if not what ye got? :)

16/07/2001, 4:28 PM
Had a feelin that may happen.......... What happened?? Quinns were to send slabs during the week. They were pushing it starting majority of seats on Sunday, But in any case. The delivery of these slabs is essential, or we'll be in tolka........:mad:
. this official probably wants to see if it a realistic target at this stage.:confused:

Sent several crates of beloved swine to his house.... Rants can call to his missus and give a Turkish/ Greek massage (control yourself Sinead) or something such like/...........:D :confused: :D

16/07/2001, 7:21 PM
Would ye like me to "sweet talk" the UEFA official?? Show him what Longford women are made of......(sugar & Spice and all things nice!!!).

I'm controlling myself "Xlex"!!!:p

17/07/2001, 8:48 AM
In that case, we could move the game OUT of Longford. Here are some options.

a) Any eL ground, with the following exceptions:

1. Dalymount
2. Tolka Park
3. Turners Cross
4. Inchicore

b) Somewhere in Brazil, the home of nice football, great support, and ALL THE LADIES...........:eek: ........shock,..... horror

Pauro 76
17/07/2001, 9:14 AM
Maybe the Bucky lads could invite the UEFA bloke for a Bucky session, and show him the well renowned Longford hospitality! And get him to invite Sepp Bladder and the boys!