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Sean Drog
11/01/2003, 12:36 PM
with the result, it was obvious in the first five minutes that we would lose this match, ther are too many wasters on the team and the management are allowing them to play with no heart or direction. The players were simply clueless, what do they do on the training pitch, pass ball to wing, winger runs ball out of play, when player has ball hoof it up to the front men who are vastly smaller or slower then the defenders, or if we do get into the vicinity ogf the box, send in a high looping cross into teh left corner of the box which is very predicatable and easy to defend.

So now we have to accept we are in the play-off's, not the end of the world as I think we will win the matches.
In the off season the supporters are going to sport themselves out with the new supporters club.
The club is going to sort its self out in terms of money and administration.

So will we see the team sorted out because if its not we will be relegated next season. I don't think we avoided the relegation spot, I think Bray had serious bad luck this season with injuries etc.

A lot of people have to look at themselves after last night and they were'nt all on the field of play. This amateur atmosphere that seems surround team set up is not good enough. A lot of the players were in Mother Hughes afyter the match and they didn't seemed too bothered about the match. Ask yourself is this attitude acceptable and were does this responsibility for it lie. I think its time supporters asked these questions, its gone on long enough.

When we survive this season we have to get our act together and accept nothing but the best.

11/01/2003, 1:28 PM
Not really, I was even expecting a tough match before it even started and after 10 mins I knew that we were screwed!! I dunno what to think now, whether to give out or to just see what happens, I'm going bloody mental:confused:

11/01/2003, 2:24 PM
Sean, I mailed the minutes to the meeting to the_drogs@hotmail.com. I just wanted you to check a couple of things on it (you'll see when you read through) before sending it to the others. And if I missed anything add it in coz I didn't take notes at the end. I am offline until tomorrow, but I left my number on the mail if there is anything