View Full Version : Drogheda Sponsored Car

11/01/2003, 11:04 AM
I was driving home last night at 2:50 a.m and came across a green coloured Renault Megane (Sponsored by Drogheda United). This was at the roundabout at blanchardstown village. Now as I was behind this the lights went green but there was no movement out of it. Then After a minute I flashed it and they indicated to turn left. Still there was no movement but then eventually they started off STRAIGHT. Now maybe the lads were deciding wheter to go for a kebab....i don't know. As they proceeded straight with indicator still flashing left they then couldnt decide what lane to be in fast or slow so they decided to take up the two lanes. Now maybe these lads were out celebrating the fact that they were beaten by UCD:confused: The car had about five lads in it and even though i didn't breathalyse them I have a sneaky feeling that there was beer involved ( time of the night, erratic manouvers, stalling) They are lucky that i am not a gaurd as i would of pulled them over immediately. Anyway if this is the case it is a sad reflection on the lads in the car........obviously don't give a **** about results once their wages are paid into the bank. It is a pity for the supporters of Drogheda united. Hope i am not too wrong in my points but i cant see there being any other explanation:(

11/01/2003, 11:05 AM
Forgot to mention that if i was a playing for drogheda united last night i would of been in bed by twelve disgusted with myself.:mad: