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11/01/2003, 1:23 AM
This is the first time I've posted on this forum but I had to tonight as what I witnessed tonight was a disgrace. In front of probably the biggest crowd of the season against U.C.D. who had ten men for most of the game and to churn out a display like that is just not good enough. I don't like to critisise players or single out players but Andy Myler tonight was a joke, not fit to put on a Drogheda shirt !! A sumo wrestler would move about the pitch and put in more effort than him !! And that goes for most of the team as well, I've been watching the Drogs since about 1990 and never witnessed a team getting booed off the pitch by the majority of the crowed like tonight. I watched the game with a supporter who followed Drogheda in the 70's the 80's and most of the 90's and he never witnessed such a gutless display as tonight and the lads I was with followed the Drogs most of the aways and all of the home games this season and were equally disgusted. Don Tierney was the only player who had the balls to applaued the crowd at the end of the match and fair play to him he was about the only player to put in the effort tonight, the rest of them are a bunch of over paid tossers who will be gone like a hot snot if we end up in the first division. I'm only in from the pub after drowning me sorrows but I know I'm gonna feel exatly the same way tommorrow - let down. Don Tierny - fair play to ya - the rest of you excuse for footballers hold your head's in shame !!

11/01/2003, 8:49 AM
Yeah it was a bad performance alright and seeing that it was our CUP FINAL I don't understand why we played like that but that's the way football goes I suppose. Now when you say that Dom Tierney had the balls to applaude the crowd after the game, why should he have done it? I mean apart from the usual few young lads at the back trying to start the chants, the noise AGAIN was sh*te. So the players might have played crap but the crowd was nothing special either.
I'm not going to bother going on ranting like before after crap peformances as I've found that it has no affect but it looks like that we are going to be in the playoff's unless something major happens, so lets make the most of what we have left and try to give the team a boost, com'on lads optimism :D

11/01/2003, 11:01 AM
My brother just described lastnights performance brilliantly -


Fair play to tierney again. I dont care about which player has the most skill, etc. For the overall package, Tierney has been our best player this year (Taylors got sent off and suspended too many times for the money hes on, to win player of the year in my opinion).

What a crap performance.........

11/01/2003, 11:29 AM
I deliberated long and hard over my selection for Player of the Year. In the end, I think I made the right decision. My Player of the Year slip is in the grate at home, and the flame that it produced when I threw it on the fire was the brightest thing I've seen all season. Alas, it lasted about as long as a Drog in the Premier.

the banner
17/01/2003, 8:57 PM
I was at the game V ucd and I just want to say what ever praise that is heaped on Don Tierney is fully deserved. He was the only player in the game that stuck to his game and never gave up. If the rest of the players on the pitch had given the same effort as Tierney we would not be in the dire position we are now. I just wonder will he stay with the club next year even if we do manage a miracle and stay up