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09/01/2003, 12:17 PM
Well I had a bit of a busy morning, so only on the net now. It seems that we shouldn't promote the meeing- rather keep it to who we know will want to get involved. I agree - I think that the core (plus friends) should meet first and decide on a way forward. We can then figure out the numbers we need etc and promote this at the last game and in the off-season. No point getting a load of people in if we don't know what we want to achieve (need to be professional about it I suppose). In terms of leaflets - I did the below just quickly. Only rough - any thoughts. Do you think that this is worthwhile?

Drogheda United Needs Your Help!

This is a critical time for your hometown club. The next week will decide Drogheda United’s fate and every supporter must show how important this club is to the town and to the Eircom League. The club has been through turbulent times, but we can survive if everyone pulls together. We, the fans, need to shout, sing, drum, and will on the team over the last weeks of this season and show everybody what we have to offer. A new supporters club is in the process of being set up. We will be looking for organisers, sellers, idea-generators, and generally anyone who loves the club and is willing to give as little as an hour a week to the cause. If you are interested either call into the club, check the web forum (URL address) or email the supporter’s club at…..(not sure of what contacts to put down to make it easy).

The future can start from today. Be a part of something exciting – be a part of Drogheda United!

Drogheda United Supporters for the Future.

09/01/2003, 12:27 PM
Yeah thats sounds pretty good, pretty convincing aswell which is good. So what time is this meeting at again??

09/01/2003, 12:39 PM
Spot on, i think for the contacts we should have at least one postal address, one email address and one phone number (landline or mobile - but must have facility to take messages)

09/01/2003, 12:48 PM
Well I think we should have an official email. Maybe use the members one - but that puts responsibility on Sean. Postal can be the club, but addressed to DUFC Supporters for the Future or something to separate it. Don't know about phone. Don't fancy having my mobile handed out. Doubt if anyone would. Well I will print out leaflets tomorrow morning and will be at the club at seven. In the meantime, any other suggestions to finalise the print? Whoever is interested in handing them out can meet me in the bar upstairs at seven. By the way is kick-off 7.45 or 8?

09/01/2003, 12:55 PM
It shouldn't be hard to set up an email address, i ill do one now if people are in agreement.
If people are happy about posting to the club then fair enough, but I think a different address would cement our independence from club administration.
I think a phone number is a necessity, as not everyone has email, and the thoughts of writing a letter may mean people forget or don't bother. I'll put my number to it (stating to leave a message) if no one has a problem with that.

Sean Drog
09/01/2003, 12:57 PM
DROGS@hotmail.com if someone has time to set it up.

So the leaflets are to tell people about the new group and we will all meet tomorrow at 9.45pm in the bar, to discuss the structure and plans of action?

09/01/2003, 1:01 PM
I think that it is best not mentioning the meeting and then we can decide plan. Notice will be showing that there is action afoot and that we are trying to get people to pull together. Not sure of what address we should use then. Druggy, if you are will to put phone number then fair play. I take your point about independence from the club. And go for the email.

09/01/2003, 1:09 PM
I'll send my number and the email address (and password) to Sean's email address.
I'm also willing to give my postal address if that suits.

09/01/2003, 1:12 PM
By the way if anyone wants to send me a private mail - I have a fairly new hotmail account - tiger_boxers@hotmail.com - on msn messanger with that too.

Sean Drog
09/01/2003, 1:34 PM
I sent yo an e-mail

10/01/2003, 8:00 AM
Apart from letting the masses know about the meeting is it still ok to attend it after the match:(

10/01/2003, 12:53 PM
of course. anyone who is interested in helping constructively is welcome.