View Full Version : Intervarsities - Sligo win again

12/03/2007, 4:46 PM
Well done to Sligo IT on another victory in the WSCAI Intervarsities. That must be three in four years, and another double. Pity that they didn't get to meet better opposition in the final, 6-0 was a scoreline that didn't reflect the game, it should have been closer to 16-0!

UL won the plate against the Garda College, and with Letterkenny only beaten on penalties against Sligo in the Semi's i think its fair to say that the best teams over the weekend were

1. Sligo IT
2. Letterkenny IT
3. University of Limerick
4. Garda College

Well done to all teams who travelled and took part, it was a great weekend's football.

12/03/2007, 9:37 PM
Go Sligo!:D

13/03/2007, 8:22 PM
at last something to be proud of!

16/03/2007, 2:18 PM
I used to help train the RTC Sligo Ladies B team way back in 1996/97. :)