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like a badger
06/01/2003, 11:05 AM
Here Drogs,

Has Fabio been as good as he was against us last Fri or are the reports true that he dies after 70 minutes every match?

I thought he was easily the best player on the pitch along with Bobby Ryan.

06/01/2003, 11:34 AM
My own opinion is that Fabio is easily the best attacking player we have. Others seem to harp on to the fact that he doesn't score enough goals, but Crowe wouldn't score many in our side at the moment. His off the ball running is fantastic, and often goes unnoticed by both the fans and his own team-mates, and his vision is excellent. Obviously more goals would be a plus, but thats not the be all and end all of his contribution to our team.

06/01/2003, 12:06 PM
J*sus christ , do you know anything about football. He has scored 5 goals and 4 of them against one team.
How many chances does he need to score......he should've finished off against bohs on friday and at home to them in november.

06/01/2003, 12:30 PM
More than you I would imagine. Yes, he should have finished against Bohs, and yes he could do with more goals, but we'd already be down if he wasn't on the team.

Would Darling Delaney have been back to clear that ball off his own line on Friday?

Sean Drog
06/01/2003, 1:27 PM
that Fabio has rewarded Harry with his patience, his game play has improved 100 fold in his game play, he is tackling and winning lost causes, putting defenders under pressure and getting in the shots. At the start of the season he wasn't geetting in the shots. He still has a long way to go to establish himself in terms of a goal scorer but I believe he will do it next season.

06/01/2003, 1:54 PM
Exactly what I mean, Sean Drog. The question was not whether Fabio is the greatest striker the world has ever seen, which he is not.
Considering he has had one season in Division 1 before this, I think the improvements have been remarkable. Another season and he might be the real deal, goals and all!!

06/01/2003, 5:55 PM
If he dies late in the game, it's because he never stops running up to that point.
He needs more goals, but we must remember that this is his first season in the premier, and he's progressed well throughout the season.
Few would deny that he's our best forward (though some still harp on about Delaney who is a dead loss) and with more strength and experience he'll get better and better with every year.

07/01/2003, 8:39 AM
thats mine and others opinion. Work rate work rate.......Thats for midfielders and defenders. If he was scoring goals we wouldnt be in the position we are in and ok maybe delaney isnt the answer to our situation but if he was given the chance that harry has given fabio he could have been our main striker this year....

07/01/2003, 10:19 AM
I agree, Mandrake, that goals matter when judging strikers, but in this case, in a team that creates so few chances, and has so few players willing to put in the same work-rate, then Fabio is an essential member of the team, who will only get better.

What I disagree with, however, is even the slightest possibility that Delaney can offer us anything, with or without the same chance as Fabio. I've seen him play a lot this season at levels below our first team, including in DKIT and the U-21's, and he doesn't even impress there. A lack of pace, positional sense, commitment, first touch & work rate are not things that can be switched on if given an extended run in the team.