View Full Version : Where we mentioned in the Ireland on Sunday

06/01/2003, 11:00 AM
again .........

if so - good or bad ?

06/01/2003, 11:07 AM
you were mentioned alright. Two whole pages. Funny, derry were mentioned as well.
on the licence thing, they seemed to come down hardest on cobh, athlone and limerick.
i didnt agree with some of it (especially in regard to a ten team league). they are against, im for it.

Sean Drog
06/01/2003, 11:08 AM
has a real interest in us doesn't it. You wouldn't see them delve in Shels with Ollie Byrne ready to take them on.

Anyway onto your question , I didn't read it but I was told that it was more about how eL clubs are in finanical difficulty and how they will struggle with the UFEA licencing scheme, Drogs were caught out but thet are tackling the problems unlike other clubs.

06/01/2003, 12:55 PM
I never read it any more because David Kelly is a whinge bag. He never has anything positive to say.

06/01/2003, 1:00 PM
do give the most coverage to the eircom league in fairness though.

06/01/2003, 1:04 PM
Yes, that's why I bought it originally ( it was best when it was just 'The Title' but it went steadily downhill after it became Ireland on Sunday ).

Try the Sunday Paper that has the SP supplement -they usually have 2 pages ( just 1 story per page though -usually an interview ) on the eL.

The best Sunday paper all round is the Sunday Times -all it needs is a bit of coverage of the eL.

06/01/2003, 2:02 PM
Hey Shelsman, were you one of the Shels crowd who were at Dalyer friday night? If so fair play to yis and cheers for the support!