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tapo drog
02/01/2003, 5:54 AM
well it's that time of year again .

The turkey and Ham have been consigned to the bin , the beer and wine had been consumed in huge quantities ,

The Christmas jumper has been worn a couple of times and consigned to the back of the wardrobe , and now it's time to get the finger out and plan the new year ,

So I for one am going to get even fitter this year ( not possible I hear you cry )

I am giving up going to mass ( i never go anyway )

I am giving up my international hate campaign against Roy Keane ( never ever ever ever will I pay to watch that **** play football again)

I am giving up supporting Drogheda United in Division 1 ( so it better not happen )

I am giving up explaining to people the complexities of supporting a League of Ireland Team ( it will always be the League of Ireland to me )

I am giving up playing left side of midfield ( i'm just too old)

I'm giving up having sex with other women ( because I have found the one for me now )

The one thing I am not giving up is my love of anything to do with football , it's god's game if there is a God . Its the sport of the masses , the great leveller , the only game worth getting out of the chair for .

Get down to Dalymount and give the lads your support , a draw would be a great result , but my new years resolution states that I can only support a team that wins every week , so come on the Drogs help me out on this one . 3 points and I will be a very happy Drog .

Enjoy it lads , I am extremely Jealous .

16/01/2003, 9:51 PM
on reading in the programme that delaney is looking for a nice decent young 1 and 2 p.o. box 983 drogheda if ya are any way intrested... well of course i am its delaney for **** sake fabio is a fine piece of stuff 2...... but seen as im not writing to p.o. box 983 drogheda as it dont exist ill just have to try get him me self and if that dont work fabio here i come thats my new years resulaton... and to neva miss a drogs match of course .....

17/01/2003, 8:30 AM
:confused: And for those of us who speak English :confused: