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23/12/2002, 9:56 AM
A few observations on the articles that were published in the sunday tabloid "Ireland on Sunday ".
Firstly we need to ask ourselves where did the information come from and what were the "journalists" motives ?
Well this wasnt a piece of investigative journalism where the reporter went off and unearthed an "exclusive" story but more like a reporter who had a few pints in a local hostely in Laurences street on a tuesday night with a person who would have known this information and then go to print to sell a few copies of Irelands very own tabloid.
Well you certaily did us no favours by printing priviliged information about a club that you used to be involved in and by stabbing the club in the back and in turn all of its true supporters.
If this had to been Derry City we were talking about Im sure Eamonn McCann wouldnt have done the same to his club. There is at least one difference between you and Mr McCann. I will let you work that one out yourself !!!
Does it make you proud what you have done to your hometown club ????
You spoke on Radio 1 a few weeks back about the clubs finincial difficulties and about the people of the town and how they lacked community spirit. I was very perceptive of you to recognise this trait as you are the prime example that I can think of.
You are a disgrace to your town and club and if the doomsday scenario comes to pass that you proported to be happening in the article yesterday then we all know who to thank.
A Merry Xmas to you and I hope when you are enjoying your Xmas dinner <if the corset expands that far> on Wednesday you spare a thought for all the supporters that love their club and would never dream of harming it.

23/12/2002, 5:57 PM
..bow you head in shame Jack White. Youre an embarrasment to your native town. I hope I never see you in O2 Park again, as do all other Drogheda Utd supporters. Youre no supporter of our club - just like the other 'supporter' who gave you all the info

Youre not welcome in O2 Park, by the people who matter most - the supporters.

Please please, dont ever show your face in O2 Park again

24/12/2002, 12:47 AM
Have to agree with all that is being said about this Judas. Hope your pockets are being lined, but just remember, when this story finishes you will once more be a nobody, and your journalist 'friends' will discard you like you have discarded our club.
We all know that things may have been done wrongly in the past, some of us prefer to be proactive with regards to the future of EL soccer in the biggest town in ireland.

One thing I must congratulate you for, well done for finding a paper that occupies the same place in Irish journalism as you do in irish society, namely the gutter.

Long live the Drogs, we will not be beat.

Sean Drog
24/12/2002, 10:37 AM
of Mr White.

Firstly I don't agree with what he has published, I think it has done a lot of harm to the club.

Secondly I do think we have to take the positives from it, the issues raised now have to be dealt with, no sweeping them under the carpet. If we want to be professional we have to sort these ongoing problems out. Mr Whites articles have brought them to a head and now the club will have to deal with them. This in the long term will only benefit the club.

Over the last two years we have been happy with the progress of the club but we were willing to overlook its shortfalls as we enjoyed the success on the field. We should have asked a lot more questions at the time - if we had then perhaps we wouldn't be in the position we are in now. We need to ask questions about the running of the club and its future off field to overcome these problems.

This is another reason we need a strong members club, so we can call a meeting when we want answers - not wait for the club to call one at its leisure.

24/12/2002, 11:04 AM
Agree but we can't just leave it up to the new board to do this. I mean that if all acounts have to be kept in order we need someone from the outside to check them every so often. Now I know that this sounds like I don't trust the new crowd, which I do of course, but as Sean said we can't let something like this happen again. I mean who's to say that if we play really well next season or in a few season's time and come close to grabbing a european spot(Please God), that the management don't go overboard again and sign loads of players and then we'll be back to square one. But of course I doubt that this will happen and I'm sure this will be the kick up the arse that we need to sort this mess out!